French in Appalachia

There are so many stories I’ll never be able to tell my first year with my own classroom. You know the drive, and you’ve gotten a couple of clever quips from the children here and there, but that’s probably all I’ve said about that year. Truth be told, it was a very difficult year for me, but […]

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I Know How It Feels To Glow

Nope, not pregnant. Thanks for asking, though, it’s really helping my diet. (Did you hear that rumour going around a couple of months ago that I was pregnant? Yeah, that was really funny. I think I should make a whole blog post about all the blasts to my ego lately. When put all together they’re […]

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SOB Story

Have you been inside a classroom lately?  Who is most likely to get a D or an F on an assignment?  Who is most likely to be considered a discipline problem?  Who is most likely to have been diagnosed and/or on meds?  If you guessed “a boy” to any of these, you’re right.  Now, I’m […]

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We Met on

I was really getting depressed about things and our finances were aggravating the problem.  Despite the need for money, I knew it was very important for the boys that I stay home with them.  I suggested to Paul Timber‘s brilliant idea of working daycare at a gym (it had the added bonus that maybe I’d […]

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Mothers Who Think

I’ve been going through old boxes, trying to sell off what I just haven’t used in years.  I was about to list a book I received from a fellow teacher as I left school that last year, when I opened the cover.  Inside I read:  Zen Mama, To the wise brilliant I shall miss you. […]

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Parry Hotter

(I started leaving a comment for Karen, on her Countdown post, but realized I should just write my own post.  I’m not doing the whole Harry Potter meme, I’m only responding to the first question.) When I was student teaching I borrowed books 1-3 from my cooperating teacher under her recommendation.  It was very important to both […]

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Its a good thing I’m smarter than a 5th grader, as I was a fifth grade teacher!  Now, if only they’d give me the million dollars, instead of a print-off certificate of award.  Well I’ve been feeling lately like I didn’t have two brain cells to rub together, so this was, sadly, a bit of […]

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Competition in All Things

My last year of teaching was in an amazing school in a beautiful residential area.  The children often played near or at the school after school hours and knew all the comings and goings of the school staff and faculty.  As I was only one of two new teachers that year, it didn’t take my […]

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Education Interrupted

He didn’t particularly stand out in our class, not physically, not intellectually, and not even emotionally — which is pretty telling as his father had passed away shortly before.  He was just a very even kid, although a little more somber than most.  He had the capability of performing better, but chose to be average.  […]

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