Motherland (day eight)

My long-suffering stepmum rose before the crack of dawn to take us to the airport.  We walked right past the long line of people at the check-in (yes, long line at 4:30am) to check in at the kiosks were there was no line.  At the Vancouver airport you must go through US Customs and Immigration […]

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Bragging Once More

Little Red went in search of his sippy cup of milk this afternoon, saying “baby’s milk.”  Once he found it, he held it to my belly button and proceded to feed the baby.  This continued for several moments until I finally asked him to stop because there was milk all over my shirt.  “The baby […]

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Manic Monday

Adventure vs. Danger I told Jen first thing in the morning, when she called about our Friday adventure, that we were on the hunt for a new place.  Without a single thought for herself she said, “well let’s load up the kids in the van and drive around and look at places!”  After I let […]

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Can You Hear Me Now?

I realize that not everyone has the same experiences as I do, and that not every baby displays his ability to hear and recognize his father’s voice the minute he is born.  I understand that.  What I don’t understand is how many parents don’t discover that their children are deaf until after the child’s first […]

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Fraternity or Feud?

I think Little Red has a pretty good idea at this point that there’s a baby on the way and that right now his brother is in my belly.  He has, rarely, patted his own belly and said, “hi brother” and only once has he patted my husband’s belly in response to the question “where’s […]

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To My Unborn Child

Since the moment of your conception, your existance has been secondary to the chaos that is our life.  I’m very sorry.  We really love you and are very excited to see you.  You have already blessed and enriched our lives in a time I wouldn’t have imaged a baby to do so.  I know you […]

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Random Friday

As Monday was MLK day and my husband actually works for an employer that lets the employees take holidays off, he got to stay home and play with Little Red while I went to work. I had left them with a list of groceries that we needed and included at the bottom “finger foods for […]

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Today was the first day we weren’t housebound either making phone calls or waiting for someone. I’m pretty sure that being cooped up was negatively affecting our moods and with all the things that have been stressing me out and going wrong lately I really didn’t need one more thing making me feel any more […]

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