Hope and Destruction

Last night the boys auditioned for the Christmas play. They are excited and full of anticipation. Instead of Paul being at the audition I had to go with baby in tow. It was not ideal, and while I didn’t tell them I did text Paul that if they didn’t get parts it would be because […]

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First day back at school after the break. It was a great break, don’t get me wrong. I loved the sleeping in, the lax schedules, and having Paul around. It was all wonderful. But today is wonderful too. Little Man took a nap for as long as he needed, uninterrupted by activities or people. I’ve […]

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Growing up my winter holidays were first thanksgiving, followed by Halloween, Remembrance Day, and then Christmas. It wasn’t until 1997 that I celebrated my first American thanksgiving, stuffing the turkey between the oft-ignored Veterans Day and Christmas. In the beginning I took it as an act of mercy: a long weekend to prepare for finals. […]

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The Words We Say

I was clever enough in my formative years to know that I usually knew the correct answer. I was not clever enough to know that there could be more than one right answer. And I absolutely did not allow myself the cognitive space to decide for myself. I knew what I had been taught: good […]

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Late Night Thoughts on Parenting

I’m not sure this baby is related to me. He doesn’t like sleep and he doesn’t like food. How could anyone not like sleep and not like food? Those are my raison d’être. I am really seriously considering doing away with the crib and moving him into the toddler bed. Maybe he just doesn’t like […]

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