brain drain

I am really trying to disprove Mommy Brain as a negative effect of motherhood. I believe that functioning on the less-than-recommended amount of sleep is an art. I believe that doing anything while holding your baby is a skill. I believe that all endeavours mothers undertake require multi-tasking because no matter the situation, a mother’s […]

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lessons from my first night out

Last night, and much overdue, my husband and I took our first date since our son was born. We went to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” while our good friends babysat. As we drove to the theatre and “I’m a Little Teapot” played incessantly from the carseat I felt a little that I was […]

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Los Angeles

You know you’re in LA but not from LA when you can hear the music from the car next to you better than you can hear your own music, and you both have your windows rolled up.

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sleep restored

In the beginning I was just so elated to have a baby that I didn’t mind the wakings. As far as I was concerned I could never sleep again and be fine. With each waking I awoke and entered his room with all the anticipation and thrill of an eight-year old on Christmas morning. Of […]

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I live in one of the most self-absorbed parts of the world. It’s not the most flattering assessment of LA but I think few people would argue the point. And that’s not to say that people aren’t nice when they do get out of themselves, it’s just that they spent most of their time focused […]

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My next door neighbour, Henry, was born and raised in the United States but is of Armenian culture. He’s about my age and fully aclamated into American culture but he still maintains an amazing grasp of Armenian traditions. It seems every time I see him he shares with me another piece of Armenian culture, usually […]

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the Long and Winding Road

I had driven that road so many times that even now when I close my eyes I can feel every curve and embankment of that 65 mile journey. It comes to me at the beginning of dreams; the dream doesn’t really begin until I’m there. The return trip rarely invades my thoughts. I begin just […]

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Freedom Festival

The cities of Detroit and Windsor are separated by a river, a bridge and a flag.Every year in the interim between Canada Day (July 1st) andIndependence Day (July 4th) there is a large celebration on the Ambassador Bridge and in the two cities known as the Freedom Festival. It is a celebration where both cities […]

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