The Living is Easy

The distinction between the days of the week are being pulled into the summer pool of sameness and leisure. Wake up slowly, breakfast, work, lunch, school, then pool, supper, bed. School consists of a workbook page or two (plus an Italian page for Red) and piano. The current is strong and the envelope of water […]

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Camp Mama

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   What do you do in the summertime when all the kids are home? There are summer camps and vacations, certainly, but there are also a lot of budget-friendly options that will also bring your family closer together while creating lasting memories. The trick is to have a plan. […]

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From the Mouthes of Babes

Mother’s Day reports from my children, Red’s are in red, Blue’s are in blue (obviously.) My mom is 33 , 32 years old. My mom weighs 78 , 50 pounds. My mom’s favorite color is dark shade of purple , purple. My mom’s favorite food is salad , nanaimo bars. My mom always says “Get […]

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