I awoke with sore finger pads this morning on my left hand.  Hooray!  I can only play a C chord and an F chord so far (because then Deadliest Catch was on so I had to walk away from google and practice what I had just learned.)  I’m one chord away from being able to […]

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A New Adventure

Before today I had never so much as held a stringed instrument, nevermind plucked away or tried to play. Before today I always thought, “that’s great for them,” and returned to the instrument where each key made it’s own sound, it was easy, it was good. Tonight I bought an ukulele. I need to develop […]

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Red’s Head

4/9/10:  I came to earth on a tornado.  Heavenly Father and Jesus were driving. 4/27/10:  Mummy, I love you so much.  That’s why I’m not cleaning up anymore.

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Blue’s Clues

4/9/2010:  (when asked what it is that makes him a big boy)  I destroy. 6/10/10:  (while I was clipping his fingernails which had suddenly grown so long he drew blood from me today) No, don’t clip my claws!  Those are my claws!  Don’t clip my claws!!!

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School’s Out For Summer

My Little Red is growing up!  At this time last year we were still so undecided about sending him to school or holding him back another year.  This time last year I was reading “Outliers” which told me quite clearly that he should wait a year before starting, not to mention the pressure from everyone […]

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So Happy

Have I told you lately how much I love teaching piano?  I love it.  I started teaching piano while I was still in high school.  I even got my Associates Degree in Piano Pedagogy (that’s the study of how to teach.)  This is what I was meant to do.  Everything else I’ve done with my […]

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