And So We Wait

Yesterday while at Disneyland, Paul received a call from Dave, one of the men with whom he interviewed on Wednesday.  (Incidentally, the one whom Paul was sure was the least likely to be in Team Paul, but a straight shooter and a decent guy nonetheless.)  Dave, hearing the background noise, told Paul to call him […]

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The Weekend Began on Wednesday

Supermom awoke on Wednesday morning and decided to go to California for Spring Break.  By the time she called me at noon they were already in Flagstaff.  She and her three children were on the road and on track to make it out to LA in one day, without the help of her husband.  Yes, […]

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We don’t know anything, and we don’t know when we’ll know.  🙂 waiting, always waiting!

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I am about to create a beautiful masterpiece.  I am about to pick up a chisel and carve out a masterpiece from the slab of our lives.  We are on the verge of exploding into brilliance.  My husband is about to step into a path of professional fulfillment.   We are so close, and I […]

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They Grow Up So Fast

Little Red’s kindergarten registration is complete, all the appropriate tests done (TB, dental, etc), and all the forms submitted to the school.  It’s hard to imagine that we moved out here, midway pregnant with him; we moved out “for a year” and now we are enrolling him in kindergarten.  Now I’m hoping the next job will […]

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TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY FOR THE GIVEAWAY!  Have you clicked here or here to check out the items up for grabs?  With so many customizable items there is something for everyone!  All you have to do is leave a comment and you are entered into the drawing.  Six lucky people will win!  Will you?  You won’t […]


Dear March

We were happy to not have a single episode of vomit during the entire month of February. We needed the break. But even though this month has not begun with so much health, you may not, you can not, dampen my spirits. This is a good month. The world is spinning in our direction. We […]

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It’s the Little Things

I realized on my way upstairs that I hadn’t yet taken out the trash. He eagerly offered to take out the trash for me, on the condition that I cued up hulu to the current episode of 24. (A bargain — I got a break from the stinky diapers!) I skipped all the way upstairs […]

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The Audacity of Hope

During one of our previous job searches I became enamoured with a particular job opportunity.  It was by far the best thing available at the time and we had an in-company contact.  Unfortunately it fell through; we found out that they were interviewing Paul for a management position for which he wasn’t qualified when all […]

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