And So We Wait

March 31, 2009

Yesterday while at Disneyland, Paul received a call from Dave, one of the men with whom he interviewed on Wednesday.  (Incidentally, the one whom Paul was sure was the least likely to be in Team Paul, but a straight shooter and a decent guy nonetheless.)  Dave, hearing the background noise, told Paul to call him in the morning, although Paul insisted he could go somewhere quiet and they could talk right away. 

We did our best to not think of all the scenarios and possible conversations.  We’re getting pretty good at not analyzing things. 

First thing in the morning, Paul called and no one answered.  So 15 minutes later he called again and left a voice mail.  And again an hour later.  When he called again the receptionist checked with Dave, who was in a meeting, and report back to Paul that Dave would call him back.

We have passed the 24 mark from yesterday’s phone call, and we still know nothing.  I have learned that the expanses of patience are more vast than I had ever imagined.  Life goes on, and until we have a job, every day is the same as the day before.


Boy Blue Is Two (and other adventures)

March 31, 2009


To celebrate Boy Blue’s birthday, we went to the Happiest Place on Earth with some of our favourite little people (and their wonderful parents!)  I feel so spoiled to have such a fun resource so convinient, and that many of my friends and family members also have Disney passes.


It was a really special day for the little guy.  He’s such a happy guy so that’s pretty easy.  It was a special day for his big brother, too, who was chosen to be part of the Jedi Training Academy.

33009_23-small-file 33009_29-small-file1

 Master Kai took an extra shine to him, and made sure he was well-prepared.  Good thing, too, because look who showed up!  Darth Vader and Darth Maul!

33009_30-small-file1 33009_32-small-file1

Little Red was the last in line of Padowans to defeat the Dark Side.  When he was done, the evil doers retreated.  If you ask him, it was because he showed his teeth and scared them off.  Boy Blue enjoyed watching his brother be a hero.

Our Birthday boy discovered that Autopia is most fun when you don’t actually steer but bounce around all over the place, and rode many other rides with all the zeal a two-year-old can muster.  We finished the evening at our favourite restaurant and both boys were asleep before we even gassed up and hit the freeway.  It’s amazing to recall the circumstances surrounded the birth of Boy Blue and to think it was two years ago.  We are so grateful of every day he has been in our lives, and so grateful he has such a brave big brother to protect him!

We are so blessed!

Today we went to the doctor, the little guy is 33 inches tall and 24 pounds.  And he decided he wasn’t wearing diapers today, so he’s wearing training pants.  He’s still hit and miss with using the bathroom, and really only likes to go potty so he can empty the toilet paper rolls into the toilet and/or flush the toilet repeatedly.  He’s independent and his brain is growing every day.  It always makes me cringe when people use the term “terrible twos” because I think it is such an exciting period of exploration and growth. 

Thank you, Boy Blue, for coming to our family and blessing our lives!

The Weekend Began on Wednesday

March 31, 2009

Supermom awoke on Wednesday morning and decided to go to California for Spring Break.  By the time she called me at noon they were already in Flagstaff.  She and her three children were on the road and on track to make it out to LA in one day, without the help of her husband.  Yes, that’s right, interstate travel with three children and no husband!

They got in late on Wednesday night.  After Paul’s big interview.  After my haircut.  After we put the children to bed.  Before I cleaned the apartment.  (I never did clean my apartment.)

Thursday we adventured around town.

Friday we took them to California Adventure.  It was a wonderful adventure!

Saturday was Boy Blue’s second birthday, and we met up with another music major alum at Newport Beach.  (In our group we had the following instrument groups represented: woodwinds, strings, keyboards, and percussion!) 

Sunday they left for home while we were at church.  Our apartment feels so quiet and empty without them.  It’s a good thing we had Boy Blue’s birthday party (aka: Disneyland) on Monday to distract us!


March 26, 2009

We don’t know anything, and we don’t know when we’ll know. 

🙂 waiting, always waiting!


March 23, 2009

I am about to create a beautiful masterpiece.  I am about to pick up a chisel and carve out a masterpiece from the slab of our lives.  We are on the verge of exploding into brilliance.  My husband is about to step into a path of professional fulfillment.  

We are so close, and I can feel it with everything.  When I water my tiny potted plants I tingle with the excitement that I’m going to have a garden and a compost; I can already taste the tomatoes and basil. Everything is coming together.  We have the paperwork turned in for kindergarten for Little Red, and secured his spot in the Italian class.  We are in a good place, emotionally, and have finally embraced California.  We love it here.  Life is good.  Life is about to be great.

Sometimes things need to take a long time.  Sometimes things don’t work out until the final hour. I think such is the case for our extended period of unemployment.  Our time is nigh.  The winds have changed.  The earth is moving.

Wednesday is going to be a long day for me — waiting.  I can already chew my anxiety.  It is hard to sit around at home wondering how things are going during the day-long interview.  Wednesday is a big day of waiting.  But Wednesday is a day that will shift the winds and give us some sort of conclusion.  It is a day that I felt would never come, and now it is nearly here.  

Bring it.  We are ready.

They Grow Up So Fast

March 16, 2009

Little Red’s kindergarten registration is complete, all the appropriate tests done (TB, dental, etc), and all the forms submitted to the school.  It’s hard to imagine that we moved out here, midway pregnant with him; we moved out “for a year” and now we are enrolling him in kindergarten.  Now I’m hoping the next job will keep us in town.

Wednesday of last week our big boy got his first phone call from a girl!  (Grandmothers don’t count, sorry.)  It was Kyra, and when Paul answered the phone she politely asked to speak to Little Red. 

Both of the kids had received their injections for the tuberculosis tests on Wednesday and I guess Jennifer had promised her that she could call Reed and ask him how his went; she had cried with her shot.  They chatted for a few minutes, and then they let the mother’s chat.

To balance all these Big Boy things he’s been doing, he and I sat on the couch during quiet time yesterday and look at pictures of him as a newborn.  He tickled his baby self in every picture.  And when he and I were staring into each other’s eyes he said, “Mummy, your eyes have pictures of me in them!”


March 14, 2009


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