Motherland (day eight)

My long-suffering stepmum rose before the crack of dawn to take us to the airport.  We walked right past the long line of people at the check-in (yes, long line at 4:30am) to check in at the kiosks were there was no line.  At the Vancouver airport you must go through US Customs and Immigration […]

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His Royal Cuteness is Tricky

Yesterday Little Red said, “Mummy, it’s Sunday today.”  “No, sweetie,” I said, “today is Wednesday.  On Sunday we go to church.  We aren’t going to church today.” “It’s Sunday.” “No, it’s Wednesday today.  It’ll be Sunday in a couple of days.” “It’s Sunday.” “It’s Wednesday.” “It’s Sunday.” “It’s Wednesday.” “It’s Sunday.” “It’s Wednesday.” “It’s Sunday.” […]

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Motherland (day seven)

We had to stop by the campground to pick up Andrew and Elena before we got on the ferry, so we also stopped to pick up a dozen muffins for the family.  (Paul came out from the market with a funny look on his face.  “Tim Hortons would have been cheaper, but you’re right, these […]

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Motherland (day six)

We went to sleep on Saturday night to the sound of the seagulls.  I awoke a few times to the sounds of the revellers on the street below, but it was more pleasant than anything I’d heard at home from RockStarNextDoor.  In the morning as we dressed for church the seagulls were an underscore to […]

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Motherland (day five)

First thing in the morning with Dad and his parents in one car, and Paul the kids and me in the van, we trekked on down to Tsawassen to hop on the ferry.  It was the boys’ first boat ride of any kind, and my first in nearly a decade.  I was so excited!  Crossing Active […]

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