Walk Your Angst Away

Today the polytonal leaves that crunch beneath my feet and my stroller remind me that there is beauty in every step and every season; the dying leaves are not the end. Today the polychromatic leaves guide my gaze upward; in doing so my spirit lifts and reminds me: my gaze and perspective should always be […]

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Morning Prayer

Please — Please bless me with confidence that I can support him through this trial better than I have with previous trials. Make me the wife he needs right now. Please — Please bless me to keep perspective that I can still make merry for the children. Bless me that I will create happy memories […]

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The Key to a Happy Marriage

I actually made it to book group this month. We had a great talk about “Nothing Daunted” and passed out the new book, “For One More Day.” It’s a beautiful book, and short. I finished it somewhere over middle American but enjoyed it and will likely reread it on the flight home. At one point […]

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French in Appalachia

There are so many stories I’ll never be able to tell my first year with my own classroom. You know the drive, and you’ve gotten a couple of clever quips from the children here and there, but that’s probably all I’ve said about that year. Truth be told, it was a very difficult year for me, but […]

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Preschool: French

(This lesson is my contribution to the Ratatouille unit, it was thrown together at the last minute, but came out well enough.) Curious George (the movie) in French Normally I don’t use tv with the children, but in this case it served several purposes: it allowed me to finish up my prep in the kitchen, […]

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on Thanksgiving

We all know the story of the Pilgrims coming to America, (even I, the Canadian, know enough about this piece of American history.) They left England (by way of Holland, by way of England, oh nevermind) in search of religious freedom. They lost one of their ships on the arduous journey, and by the end […]

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We are having a quiet, lazy morning. I’ve puttered, but mostly I’ve given in to the slowness of it all. I sat at the piano and played one of my old Beethoven Sonatas (Opus 14 No. 1,) allowing the week and the day to set into the music. It’s true with music that what you […]

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Preschool: Monsters

(Not a Monsters, Inc. segment, a stand-alone monster lesson that I did a couple of days before Hallowe’en.) Monstrous Storytime “Things That Go Boo!” by Joe Fitzpatrick, illustrated by Paulette Rich Long “Ten Monsters in a Bed” adapted by Rozanne Lanczak Williams, illustrated by Kathleen Dunne “Monster Baby” by Dian Curtiss Regan, illustrated by Doug […]

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