Gaby: which is your school, Little Red? Little Red: I don’t have a school yet. Gaby: Why not? Little Red: Because I suck my thumb. You aren’t supposed to suck your thumb at school.

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Solutions from a 4-year old

Little Red told me yesterday afternoon he was going to give Daddy all the pennies in his piggy bank. Then Daddy will have money and won’t have to look for a job anymore. After I explained to him that we wanted him to keep his savings, and that Daddy needed a job, Little Red decided […]

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This is where Heather ceases to become Zen Mama. We’ll be back later.  Probably.

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Ticket To Ride

It’ll be a long time before I stop thinking “if I had just looked in the folder sooner.”  We have spent so much time this week looking for that little blue book.  Sifting through papers, page at a time; methodically searching places we know it can’t possibly be.  And then searching again.  And then a […]

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