Out with the Old

Albeit a few days late, the boys and I celebrated Boxing Day today. We dumped all the baskets and methodically sorted out toys to give away. Our entire home is a cluttered mess so this is only a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done, but it was a great start. The […]

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Breadcloth, a photo by Proud Mum on Flickr. I started this project in July of 2009. Granted, I didn’t work on this project non-stop as we all know I’ve done other projects in the meantime. Nevertheless, I am happy to report that after two and a half years it is finally done! This linen cloth […]

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Regarding the Man in Red

For Family Home Evening last week I sat the children down and told them that we would soon have a visitor to our home. I asked them to guess who they think it may be while I give clues, and then I’d ask them at the end to tell me who they guessed. This man […]

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Homemade Christmas 2011

Last Christmas, when my mother-in-law saw the nativity set I made for my brother-in-law and his family, she called us several times to tell us how much she loved it and would I ever consider making another one? I told her flatly, “no” because getting that project done (and on time) nearly killed me. In […]

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Christmas 2011

It took every ounce of energy I had to keep my eyes open. Sometimes I failed, and was out for several minutes before someone woke me up — somehow it was my turn to open another gift. Speaking was out of the question, not only was that too costly, energy-wise, but it defied gravity by […]

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A Work in Progress

I don’t remember how often we had piano recitals when I was growing up, but every single one of those recitals from my early days are all smashed together in the same memory. I would sit on the stairs connecting the two living rooms, with Megan Salmon and which ever other friends were there. I spent a […]

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Christmas Recital

As a grownup, when we look back on our childhood memories, many of them are snapshots of emotion and colour, the visible details a little bit blurred, and they represent either a really major event, or a summary of many events. This year we’ve had a couple things that I have stopped to hope that […]

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All is Calm, All is Bright

Our computer has been unable to complete updates in a year. Now that Paul has had some time on his hands, he spent the day (and much of yesterday) on the phone with Dell Support and we are finally up to date! Will I get caught up with all my online stuff? Probably not. I […]

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with gloves off

To say that parenting is a full-contact sport is both an understatement and a cliche. Yet it’s the only thing I’ve been able to think all day. My thoughts don’t go deeper than that, it’s just a great big, large font, so-loud-I-can’t-think-anything-else phrase. That’s all.

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