Fighting February

Although I’ve never set foot in Quebec, I’ve celebrated Carnaval in one way or another for most of my formative years. I still sing “Chanson du Carnaval” and taught “Bonhomme, bonhomme” to my French students. Of course now that I live in the states, and especially in this post-Katrina world, Mardi Gras is a big […]

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Death to the Basil

Two weeks ago I had Esme help me repot some of my basil which had grown too large for my windowsill and my 50cent pots from IKEA. We talked about plants and faith and how to make the two grow. Mine grew, flourished. But it appears this week that my neighbours mangy cat has squashed […]

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Bad Parenting

Today during post-story playtime at the library I was sitting with my friends and watching Little Red play. Then he was gone. “Where’s Little Red?” I asked. “He’s in the toybox,” Karma replied. “Oh.” I replied. Then, “that’s Seamus!” “Where’s Little Red?” I asked again, louder. Allysa said, “there’s a baby going down the stairs.” […]

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Weekly Anamnesis #12

Weekly Anamnesis is a cyber writing project hosted by Natalie. The rules can be found here. Warrant My step-sister lived in a different world than I; even when she stayed with us her rules were different. It never bothered me, I understood the double standard and prefered my life. I didn’t want to be in […]

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This made me smile

This is for you, Hazel and Karen: I was chatting with my friend this morning, and she said, “someday I’ll have to tell you my secret about keeping the house clean.” “Tell me now,” I asked. “Well,” she started, “start by going to…” (For the rest of you to understand this, you need to […]

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My Funny Valentine

Today, in honour of lovers, I think of my own. And I wonder. I don’t know why he married me, so different from his world. I was young -very young. I was silly and immature. He was brilliant and worldly. He scoffed at the things I found amusing (though trite, I knew they were trite). […]

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