Be That Stranger

I don’t talk to random strangers. For that matter I often don’t talk to people I know when I’m out and about. (I am definitely that person who will zip into another aisle or stare straight at my feet to pretend I didn’t notice an acquaintance at the store. I really value anonymity and crave my […]

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Nobody Warns You

Nobody warns you. Any woman who brings a child into the world must travel through the valley of the shadow of death. The journey can be harrowing and the results are sometimes devastating, sometimes blissful. But no one dare warn the uninitiated for fear of scaring them off. Nobody warns you. They tell you babies […]

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Life Lessons from the Move

We moved from Texas to Michigan. It was quick in the beginning and slow in the end. It was excruciating and wonderful and everything in between. Nothing had gone according to plan. (Well, one thing did: we got an offer on our second day of showings. Yay us!) Yet despite nothing going to plan everything […]

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