The Poor Little Looseleaf

Once upon a time there was a little looseleaf. He was a good little looseleaf who’s favorite thing to do was hang around in a green knapsack from the Yukon where all the other cool looseleaves hung out. Then one day a girl came along and took him out. The girl herself was wonderful – […]

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Sometimes in the summer I get so caught up with enjoying summer and being free that I forget to look at the calendar. Unfortunately, the fun doesn’t assuage the guilt of missing a lesson or — worse — standing up a friend.

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A Cookie is a Sometimes Food

Listen: This isn’t rocket science. Or brain surgery. Or astrophysics. This is basic. It’s as basic as it comes. When you eat better, you feel better. When you eat junk, you feel like junk. You know how it feels when you haven’t been eating well; you feel¬†bloated, tired, a little depressed. It’s okay to have […]

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