The Difference of an Hour

I think we can all agree that in the 21st century, Daylight Saving time has nothing to do with benefitting the farmers. The official word from congress is something about saving energy by giving us an extra hour in the summers before we have to turn the lights on. The funny thing is, Americans make […]

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Random Friday (cheers and jeers)

CHEERS: I’ve finally reached the point in my pregnancy where I’m only waking once or twice to go to the washroom in the middle of the night. This is a major improvement from the previous four months and feels so luxurious.JEERS: Pregnant dreams are always so surreal; I could really do without the parade of […]

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World Series Fever

My love of baseball has been very slow in coming. It didn’t flourish with of years of playing kickball on the playground and it didn’t even really begin when my first American boyfriend would consider a Mariners’ win “a good omen.” (Yet when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup I said to my husband […]

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To B(log) or Not To B(log)

I’ve really been torn about blogging my week. I feel like most of my blogging lately has been negative or depressing and surely anything I write this week will be more of the same. Yesterday’s events, I’ve concluded, are blog-worthy inasmuch that they marked many firsts for me. No Water I sat in a chair […]

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For about a month, I was determined to “do the math” and prove that if we followed the lunar calendar we should have an extra hour in every day. It was based on some passing theory I had heard, that had been proved by someone I’d never met, and it was during a time when […]

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The Happy Little Nudist

He’s been working on it for a long time, but finally mid-week Little Red perfected the art of removing his own pants. The pants were the only obstacle that kept him from removing his diaper, so I’m sure you all know what follows. I think a little free-range time is healthy for diapered babies but […]

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Strange Chemical Brew

Everything about today was a replica of the previous Thursdays — very much the same as any morning without work looming over my afternoon. As Little Red and I cuddled on my bed for our nap it didn’t even occur to me to consider how normal the day was. I opened the upstairs windows to […]

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