Book Talk: Nurture Shock

I had a serious perfectionism complex when I was young. I knew I was imperfect, but felt that I was expected to be perfect. Being smart meant knowing the answers (always.) Being a good “little mama/big sister” meant being reliable and in control (always.) Being Mormon meant following all the commandments (always.) For the most […]

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The Best Laid Plan

Your best laid plan — a monument of creativity and hope — is placed delicately on the quicksand we call life. The breeze of flexibility teases the joints of your dollhouse. Will it survive? That’s not the question. The question is: What will you make when it crumbles? Will it be better or will it […]

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With how many times I’ve sent our family phones swimming I’ve been very diligent to baby our current equipment. I was astounded when my phone went on the fritz last week because I hadn’t even dropped it in a very long time. Both myself and the customer service lady on the phone were convinced it […]

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Found in the Draft Folder

Early in my motherhood years, when things were still pretty simple and pretty good, a close friend of mine struggled greatly with depression. It took me a while to even recognize it because many of her symptoms, from the outside, I considered to be positives: she lost weight, her home was immaculate. How could that […]

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The Storms of Life

Bad weather in our lives can come from numerous sources and there’s very little we can do about it. We can fortify our homes, shelter our families, and batten down the hatches, but we can’t control the duration, location, or severity of the storm. These storms can come from a variety of origins. Sometimes storms are […]

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It’s a long weekend and I have a new book.  So I didn’t go to bed early last night, or even on-time.  So I’m soaking the pot from the Thai curry instead of scrubbing it out.  So I laid out my shirts on my cedar chest instead of hanging them up.  So what?  I think […]

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Who Needs Sleep?

That makes twice this week my friends have commented that I seem stressed out.  I actually don’t feel stressed out, but I’ve been very absent-minded (loosing my church keys twice in a week, loosing my ipod in plain sight?)  It’s true that I haven’t been sleeping as well as I should, but that’s not from […]

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