Camp Mama: Art

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   I’ve had “Art is an Imperative” as a mantra floating through my mind lately, ever since I realized that I had been craving art. There’s a full blog post devoted to it that I will hopefully write at some point, but in the meantime I’ve been feeding this […]

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Camp Mama: Robotics

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   This week could have alternately been called “I have Pinterest so I think I can do anything.” Unfortunately, instead of learning my lesson I learned that with the power of the internet I can really do almost anything. Delusions of grandeur beware. This week was a success, but […]

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Talking to Children About the News

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   It’s complicated. You can accuse me of sheltering my children too much, and that would be fair, but last week I finally opened up to my children the discussion had on a national scale. It wasn’t easy, and it started haltingly. Our country is deeply troubled. Our people […]

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We are asteroids floating through space: at times colliding, crashing, breaking –a violent cacophony; but most of the time spinning floating drifting –alone and lost. 

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Camp Mama: Japan

Crossposted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   Japan week was one of the first Camp Mama themes that came together in my planning sessions, so I was very excited when it finally arrived! Of course, as with every week, it didn’t go exactly according to plan. More than the others, however, it was a week […]

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It finally came close enough to home last night that this morning I started the dialogue with my children. And yet I feel guilty that I waited this long, that I waited until it was personal to us. It’s been personal to other people, it’s been just as important, just as upsetting, just as scary, […]

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Although I had Nutella on graham crackers while making supper tonight I still planned to polish off the ice cream in the freezer. And I did.  It’s important to keep the goals you set. I can sleep well feeling accomplished tonight. 

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Camp Mama: Economics

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   What’s that you say? A week focused around economics just doesn’t sound nearly as interesting as some of our previous themes for Camp Mama? Well in our family this turned out to be one of the easiest and one of the best weeks yet. (Okay, that last part […]

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