Five is Fun

My baby is five.  That means my blog is nearly five.  But that’s not the point.  The point is my baby is five.  The reasons we had his party when we did are varied and unimportant.  How it became a class-wide party is simpler:  there is a girl in his class whose birthday is one […]

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Christmas Wreaths

I found this pattern in November and immediately started saving my milk jugs. When finally I had enough for a small wreath (three) I began my project — with less than two weeks before Christmas. Exactly one week from Christmas it was finally done. I proudly displayed my new project on our front door, and left […]

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Wherein Time Sped Up

Although last year’s Christmas was not the pity party it set out to be, and it was one full of miracles, we both worked really hard to make this one better (and less in need of miracles. We have nothing against miracles, we just have something against NEEDING them. We’ve decided we’d rather see miracles […]

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