“Our bodies age, but we stay the same person.” She was right. In her example she talked about relating with the twentysomething new mothers. Those days are still fresh in her memory, her stories are still real, and she relates well with me. But she was wrong. While she still remembers being a young mother, […]

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

It’s only fitting that the perfect ending to a weekend too perfect for blogland was imperfect. It began ominously with the announcement for pre-boarding followed immediately by “we will not board right away because there’s a minor problem they have to fix on the plane.” Minor or not, that man should have said that they […]

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I Love LA (part 1)

WE went back inside the baggage claim area to sit on the stationary carosel. We had been waiting outside quite a while and the traffic was heavy, we knew there was still more of a wait. The smog was low, the exhaust, heavy, and the smokers, smoking. We went inside, but still in view of […]

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A Baby Boy for Christmas

Last year I spent December on the couch. I was too weak to do much else, and too tired. My infant son cuddled with me and we enjoyed the season together. Having a brand new baby boy just in time for Christmas really brought the Christmas story to a more personal level for me. His […]

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Weekly Anamnesis #4

Information to this cyber writing project can be found at Natalie and Pete‘s sites. This is the fourth week (my third) of this endeavor. Smoke I casually asked, at the start of our parent-arranged sleepover, whether the ladder to her bedroom window was a fire escape. Evidently we had just had the firefighters at our […]

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