Unrealistic Expectations

It took me a week of reminding myself how great it was to be a part of my son’s birth before I could admit that the VBAC was a good decision.  From the moment he was born I was done with the pain; the pain, however, was not done with me.  Somehow I had it […]

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How Heather got her VBAC

A short while before Little Red was born, I painted my toenails a bright red.  It took a lot of people by surprise, as it was November, but it seemed simple enough to me: I wanted the baby to have something to aim for.  Clearly, that didn’t work out, but undeterred I decided to do […]

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The assortment of cars that we see varies only slightly, week to week.  It begins with the street sweeper and the cars parked on the opposite side of the street.  On the bigger street we will always see a police car, at least one garbage truck, at least two city busses, and numerous people on […]

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Manic Monday

How to Give a Pregnant Lady a Complex On Saturday morning the Young Girl at my table asked me if my baby had come out yet.  I leaned back, patted my belly and said, “you tell me.”  She concluded I had not yet had my baby. Teenage Girl said, “you’re pregnant?” “Did you think this […]

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Ready or Not?

Last night the baby dropped.  He’s been riding really high since the moment of conception so a week and a half ago when my nurse practitioner told me to expect the baby to drop in the next two weeks I scoffed inwardly.  (And I wondered, how would I even know?  Little Red had been so […]

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Bragging Once More

Little Red went in search of his sippy cup of milk this afternoon, saying “baby’s milk.”  Once he found it, he held it to my belly button and proceded to feed the baby.  This continued for several moments until I finally asked him to stop because there was milk all over my shirt.  “The baby […]

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Random Friday

As Monday was MLK day and my husband actually works for an employer that lets the employees take holidays off, he got to stay home and play with Little Red while I went to work. I had left them with a list of groceries that we needed and included at the bottom “finger foods for […]

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Pregnant Bulemics Anonymous

Hello. I am Proud Mum and it’s been three and a half hours since my last episode. Although my episodes have been very violent and very frequent I’ve managed to keep myself out of the hospital this time and I think I have things under control. I even have one third of a Pedialyte Pop […]

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Morning Asana

Wake Up, Mummy! After I told my doctor that I needed to get over all my excuses and get back into yoga to help control the stress that has dominated this pregnancy, and explained again this morning to Kristen that I needed to just get over it and do it, I decided to start today. […]

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