Ash Wednesday

I lost my babysitter yesterday.  No, not for any hugely dramatic reason, but her family is moving to Burbank (today!) and while she can still bus in and attend her same school, working for me in the evenings is just too far, too late, too dark.  She is only 14 and I understand where her […]

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Manic Monday

How to Give a Pregnant Lady a Complex On Saturday morning the Young Girl at my table asked me if my baby had come out yet.  I leaned back, patted my belly and said, “you tell me.”  She concluded I had not yet had my baby. Teenage Girl said, “you’re pregnant?” “Did you think this […]

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December Date 1

Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I entered the staff washroom at work to see my name on the door. As I was moving tables after my first hour of work my boss pulled me into her office. “You probably know by now,” she said, “but I wanted to congratulate you and let […]

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Tuesday Toddlerday

Little Red baked some more toys Tuesday night. Fortunately I caught it early as I recognized immediately the smell of foreign items in the oven. I nearly cried when I opened the broiler drawer and saw some of my favourites in there (but rejoiced that although the paint and lacquer took a beating the toys […]

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Last night’s holiday party at Sylvan was more pleasant than I thought. Despite the 95% Armenian attendance, we ate Chinese food and people remembered to speak in English most of the time. Of course I was happy just because I brought my family and everyone fell in love with the red-headed angel (who really was […]

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Fie! A Pox and a Hex on You!

There’s no way I got this cold from kissing my husband morning and night. His Airborne/Zicam/Tylenol coctail shielded me from any germs that would normally have transferred during the process. It’s just as unlikely that I got this cold from my students. We all know that while they don’t wash their hands after using the […]

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