May Be Busy

What a powerful force: inertia. I blogged daily for over four months, then abruptly stopped and suddenly found myself at the end of the month. So what happened in May that kept me away? Everything. I went to Canada and then my Dad came down. We had a perfect visit with Dad and Liz. We […]

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Our Newest Addition

Our Newest Addition Originally uploaded by Proud Mum I have so many blogs floating around in my mind, not even yet drafts, but they will soon be forgotten. This is Little Red making compositions with our brand new [to us] piano, not yet 5 minutes ours. My friends, I am in heaven. Adieu.  I’m off […]

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12 Years

Back when California Adventureland was a parking lot, I went to Disneyland with my father for the last time.  Now we’re going again, without my brother, but with Liz, Paul, Little Red, and Boy Blue in tow.  Life is good!

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On Vacation At Home

Last night I took the children to my board meeting while Paul went to the airport and we all met up at the Americana to welcome Dad and Liz and begin our journey of eating our way through till Sunday. It’s been a very successful campaign so far. I took today and tomorrow off work, […]

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Old Friends

Old friends sat side beside sharing tales catching up nothing lost between them Countless years lost between Long ago, it was so long ago we were inseparable then we were separated We both moved on and on There we sat just like old time seeing just how the same we both were Two lives lived […]

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The trip up was wonderful. The seat beside me was empty so I could stretch out and put my feet up. I read. I napped. I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted on my direct flight into Edmonton. It was the most I remember ever enjoying flying. We went straight to the church to […]

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