May Be Busy

May 31, 2010

What a powerful force: inertia. I blogged daily for over four months, then abruptly stopped and suddenly found myself at the end of the month.

So what happened in May that kept me away? Everything. I went to Canada and then my Dad came down. We had a perfect visit with Dad and Liz. We are winding up the final two fundraisers/events of the school year. We’ve had a going-away party for one of Little Red’s classmates who is moving to Greece (but will attend an Italian school so she can rejoin the class in three years.) Teacher appreciation week was a success. I’ve started teaching piano. I’ve been keeping on top of cleaning our home (well, everything except MY bedroom, of course!) Six of my friends had babies (not all locally, however.) Five of my friends locally had surgery within the same week.

And then our home phone and internet were cut off because someone was fiddling with the wires.

Now it’s almost June, and while life doesn’t look to ever slow down, I expect to feel a little more in control over my daily pace. Life is such a beautiful thing and I don’t want to waste a minute of it.


Our Newest Addition

May 14, 2010

Our Newest Addition

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I have so many blogs floating around in my mind, not even yet drafts, but they will soon be forgotten. This is Little Red making compositions with our brand new [to us] piano, not yet 5 minutes ours.

My friends, I am in heaven.

Adieu.  I’m off to fight my son for some piano time.

12 Years

May 7, 2010

Back when California Adventureland was a parking lot, I went to Disneyland with my father for the last time.  Now we’re going again, without my brother, but with Liz, Paul, Little Red, and Boy Blue in tow.  Life is good!

On Vacation At Home

May 6, 2010

Last night I took the children to my board meeting while Paul went to the airport and we all met up at the Americana to welcome Dad and Liz and begin our journey of eating our way through till Sunday.

It’s been a very successful campaign so far.

I took today and tomorrow off work, Paul is taking tomorrow off, and Reed has already announced to half of the school that he will not be there tomorrow because he’s going to Disneyland. (Something tells me that the decision to not renew our passes has been difficult for everyone.)

I love being on vacation at home — I don’t have to plan and cook supper, I don’t have to live out of a suitcase, and I don’t have to try to get my children to sleep in unfamiliar places, and I’ve pretty much stopped reading emails and answering the phone. But I get to eat out a lot, spend time with some of my favourite people, and relax a little bit. The kids are a little bit wild, but I fully expect them to be on their best behaviours tomorrow.

Within this past week I have seen all members of my immediate family with the exception of one brother. For those of you who understand the breadth and depth of my family, you can appreciate what a feat that is!

Lord, Make Me An Instrument In Thy Hands

May 5, 2010

Back in February when our apartment flooded, I told Paul “we need to delete that bookshelf. That’s where the piano will go.” We didn’t have a piano and hadn’t ever planned on being here with a piano. It was always the plan to get the piano with our new place.

We left the space open, empty (ish), waiting for the piano, while we planned to move before we got one.

Then all of a sudden I knew we needed a piano now. Whether or not we move, I was starting to line up piano students and I needed a piano! I didn’t have a piano, but I confidently told people I would. I didn’t know how, and wasn’t concerned with such details. I just knew I would.

This week Jennifer said to me, “so, do you have a piano?”  (In storage, at someone else’s house, ready to be purchased?)

I replied with my usual, “no, but I will.”

And by lunchtime today her mother-in-law’s piano was mine for the taking, and my in-laws had offered to pay for the piano movers and the tuning.

It has been amazing to watch all the intricate pieces of the puzzle fall into place in my life, exactly at the times I need them most. Divine intervention is such a humbling even to witness and I have beheld it more times than I can ennumerate.

I only hope I am in tune enough to be His hands and bless others as much as I have been blessed.

Old Friends

May 4, 2010

Old friends
sat side beside
sharing tales
catching up
nothing lost between them

Countless years lost between

Long ago,
it was so long ago
we were inseparable
then we were separated

We both moved on
and on

There we sat
just like old time
seeing just how the same
we both were
Two lives lived in parallel:
youth, school and our families, too

There I sat,
once again
a nameless Johnson
(but never a Johnson)
furtively sharing stories
with Megan
instead of listening
to the people up front

Life came full circle that night
and I was fourteen again


May 3, 2010

The trip up was wonderful. The seat beside me was empty so I could stretch out and put my feet up. I read. I napped. I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted on my direct flight into Edmonton. It was the most I remember ever enjoying flying.

We went straight to the church to help decorate. And my high school friend who has since moved to Edmonton showed up at the church to help us. We worked hard, we stayed late, we were happy.

The wedding day was as all wedding days. It was beautiful. It was full. (Yet we managed to squeeze in time for some of my younger siblings to watch UHF and laugh at most of the important places.) James married a lovely girl, and he is clearly very, very in love with her. It was quite touching.

At the evening reception I sat between my closest brother (he and I were both without our better halves for economical reasons) and my best friend from my childhood, whom I hadn’t seen in 17 years and who has coincidentally since moved to Edmonton and had worked for the father of the groom for a while. She is exactly the same for all of her good traits. It was amazing, uplifting, and intimidatingly perfect. I talked too much and too loudly to compensate for my own insecurities.

Once the day was done, and the hall returned to it’s pre-wedding state, I, too, was done. All I wanted to do was go home. I was exhausted, and I missed my family dearly. Paul had taken the clean laundry out of the dryer and placed it on my side of the bed so he could sleep. I was sleeping in a single and had no such option.

Returning to Canada always makes me happy, and I love to visit with my family. But they have moved to Edmonton. Edmonton is not home, and I couldn’t wait to leave.

I awoke on Sunday morning with Eli’s sore throat, and an eagerness to get out of the prairie and back to my family. It is a real shame that the trip home was not as good as the trip up.