October 30, 2007

The good:  Little Red is all better.  He hasn’t had an episode since yesterday morning, has had all normal bodily functions, and is eating solid foods again.  I’m so glad.  It was hard to see him sick, as he’s ill so rarely.  When he first got sick he was screaming; he had no recollection of ever vomitting (last time was with the rice cereal at 6 months) so to wake up in the middle of the night doing that was horrifying.  “Mummy, I spit up!”  he said so sadly.

The bad:  Boy Blue is sick this morning, so I guess it was a bug after all.  Or he’s having a reaction to yesterday’s shots, or a reaction to the amoxicillin.  And yes, he does still have his cold, too.  There’s nothing like starting with a cough and finishing with a shower.

The ugly:  While my internet connection is mostly workable, it still cuts out at inconvinient times.  My phone service is out again.  I was able to email the father of the student whom I tutor to cancel our session today (I have his work email so I trust he’ll get the message) but I have an appointment this afternoon which I need to cancel and can’t contact them.  More frustrating than not being able to cancel this appointment is the principle that once again I’m paying for service I don’t have.  Having a connection with the outside world should not feel like winning the lottery. 

Edit: employer didn’t get the email as he was not in the office today.  Got a confused phone call from the mother at twenty after five.  Her English is very poor but now I have the home phone and the husband’s cell phone, should this ever happen again.  I called her husband and he understood what I was saying, and kindly said, “take care of your baby.”


Not Cement Fires

October 29, 2007

Thanks to those of you who have thought of us in SoCal this past week.  My family is safe as the fires are brush fires and not cement fires.  Those of us in the city have no need to worry for our homes, only our lungs.  Today the air quality seems to be improving, just in time for the boys and I to venture out on a walk to the doctor’s office.  It’s time for more shots for Boy Blue, although I’m going to ask Dr. Waldron to take a look at Little Red as well and make sure the pukes are just the pukes and nothing more serious.

In addition to being cooped up inside because of the poor air quality our phone and internet has been out most of the week.  Our phones came back this weekend, and the internet has been off and on.  This morning I have spent more time working on the internet than actually using the internet.  I mention this only so that those of you with whom I’m playing scrabulous don’t think I’m so rude for playing the game but never reading your blogs.  Truth be told, my internet just can’t load anything right now.  I tried uploading some photos to flickr and it took forever.  I’m not even going to bother with blogs until that little green light stops flickering and gives me a realiable signal.

I just wanted to say hi.  We’re drowning in smoke and puke and we have a very unreliable connection with the outside world, but we are totally fine.  It turns out that our mind exercises of what we’d do if we had to evacuate were nothing more than fodder — although part of me got my hopes up.  I don’t know that I’d return if we left.  I think we’d load up the cherry table and the cedar chest, take the new car, and go to Detroit.  Well, I guess it isn’t time to leave LA yet, poor environmental conditions notwithstanding.

Edit: Just came back from the doctor.  Little Red hasn’t vomitted in three hours so I have given him a rice cake as his first solid food.  I hope he keeps it down.  Guy Smiley had a round of shots and a baby flu shot and hasn’t had any tylenol but has had amoxicilin — surprise! he has an ear infection in addition to the new teeth and the shots.  It’s off to bed for all of us.  Don’t wake me, not even when it’s time to go to work.

I’m Not Ready for This…

October 22, 2007

On Saturday Little Red came down from his “nap” with two newly assembled blocks, a red and blue one.  Surely, we figured, he must have had the babysitter do it the other day, but we hadn’t noticed it.  I asked Esme today, three times, and she denied assembling the blocks.  That meant that finally we have to admit that Little Red did it.  I guess it isn’t completely improbable, my BIL disassembled the lawnmover at about this age, too.

At Disneyland on Friday Little Red and Paul walked past a closed-up juice station.  It had pictures of fruit all over the place and singularly, the word “juice.”  Little Red said to my husband, “Daddy, I’d like some juice.”  He looked, but with the exception of the word, there was no indication that it was more than a fruit stand.

At the store Little Red found the Linguine among all the similarly-shaped pasta boxes and said, “Daddy, I want Linguine.” 


He’s not yet three years old. 

Fresh from the Garden

October 18, 2007

10315_1-small-file.jpg10315_1-small-file.jpgLast night I finished Little Red’s costume, having finished Boy Blue’s the night before.  It was late, but I am so happy they are done!  Little Red danced around in his costume all morning, proudly proclaiming:

“I’m a carrot!”

Two months ago when I asked him what he wanted to be for Hallowe’en he named his betrothed.  Once I told him I was unable to help him with that, he said thoughtfully, “um, a carrot!”  He kept up with the same answer for a month so I knew it was time to get cracking.  He is actually two carrots, as he has two legs. 

And what of Boy Blue?  Well, peas, of course.  My boys are peas and carrots.  I’m over my anxiety of people thinking he’s a pumpkin.  How can anyone think he’s a pumpkin when he goes around proudly announcing his carrot status?  And anyone who does think he’s a pumpkin instead of carrots has no imagination; instead of being offended I’m just sorry for them.

So here you are, folks, our yearly photos:

Halloween 2007 – Peas and Carrots

Peas and Carrots, Halloween 2007

Halloween 2006 – Monkey

Monkey - Halloween 2006

White Trash Family

White Trash Family - Halloween 2006

Halloween 2005 – The Coppertop Kid


Rock ‘n’ Roll Halloween


I Love L.A.

October 16, 2007

I was feeling particularly disconnected with the city today.  I know exactly why: I had logged time on realtor.com again, pretending to move into beautiful houses in great neighbourhoods with award-winning schools and paying half as much for my mortgage as I do on rent.

When I came home from work tonight my brother-in-law had forwarded me this link.  If you don’t know LA, read this and you’ll understand.  If you do know LA, read this, because you get it.  Do whatever you want.  It doesn’t matter.  No one cares.

Seamripper is my Middle Name

October 15, 2007

I am getting pretty excited for Hallowe’en.  Both costumes are really close to completion!  I have only a few final hems and snaps for Boy Blue’s costume.  Little Red’s is a little further behind but definitely on the home stretch.  Hooray! 

I’ve learned a lot about sewing with this project.  I feel much more confident about looking at something and figuring out how to make it.  I really feel like I’ve improved a lot!  In fact, I’m so bolstered by ny increased abilities that I’m already conceptualizing an even bigger, more ambitious project as a gift to the family for Christmas.  If you’re reading my blog you already know I’m crazy, but it’s so crazy I don’t even dare tell you what it is.

So yesterday as I was cutting out some more pieces and revelling in a little bit of pride  (I admit) I asked my husband what he thought.  “I know you think I’m crazy, but when the projects are done do you ever think it’s cool or do you just think, “my wife is so crazy.”  Do you ever wish you had a normal wife that bought things like everyone else?”

He was quiet for a while and I’m sure he was debating which answer would be safest.  Finally he said, “it’s about 50/50.”

I was really hoping for something closer to 75/25, with the coolness overpowering my-wife-is-crazy.  But as it turns out, he’s pretty worried that one of these days I’m going to finally realize that I took on more than I can handle and that I’m going to snap.

A complete snap in which I am never the same again.

I told him not to worry.  I’m not that crazy. 


Old Friends Renewed

October 13, 2007

My head has been swimming lately with all the people from my past with whom I’ve regained contact.  I know it’s just a phase and once we’re all over the novelty of renewed contact we’ll go back to our day-to-day level on non-communication.  That’s just the way things are and it isn’t necessarily bad.

Some of the people with whom I’ve reconnected play prominent roles in my memories.  One of them stopped me from falling to my death, two more were my first friends when I moved to the states.  For some I’m elated to call to memory really sweet times, for others I’m inspired to hear what they’ve been doing since we last saw each other.  Still there are even more who’ve made me feel more centered and more connected with my former self, just by knowing they’re there.

I’ve come to realize something this month.  The memories of some friendships are really profound and touching — they exist on a level deeper than words.  I can’t blog the stories or retell them in any way as it would ruin the sweetness.  Some friendships were just friendships.  Not every memory has to be profound, some memories are just memories.  And that’s okay.

This week I’ve been particularly touched when reconnecting with the life of the Riebens, whom we knew in Virginia.  Theirs are the only blogs in which I’ve gone back and read the archives.  You don’t have to know them personally to read their saga and understand what amazing people they are.  I’m glad I’m getting in touch with old friends, I now have an even bigger collection of role models.