The good:  Little Red is all better.  He hasn’t had an episode since yesterday morning, has had all normal bodily functions, and is eating solid foods again.  I’m so glad.  It was hard to see him sick, as he’s ill so rarely.  When he first got sick he was screaming; he had no recollection of […]

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Not Cement Fires

Thanks to those of you who have thought of us in SoCal this past week.  My family is safe as the fires are brush fires and not cement fires.  Those of us in the city have no need to worry for our homes, only our lungs.  Today the air quality seems to be improving, just […]

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I’m Not Ready for This…

On Saturday Little Red came down from his “nap” with two newly assembled blocks, a red and blue one.  Surely, we figured, he must have had the babysitter do it the other day, but we hadn’t noticed it.  I asked Esme today, three times, and she denied assembling the blocks.  That meant that finally we […]

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Fresh from the Garden

Last night I finished Little Red’s costume, having finished Boy Blue’s the night before.  It was late, but I am so happy they are done!  Little Red danced around in his costume all morning, proudly proclaiming: “I’m a carrot!” Two months ago when I asked him what he wanted to be for Hallowe’en he named […]

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I Love L.A.

I was feeling particularly disconnected with the city today.  I know exactly why: I had logged time on realtor.com again, pretending to move into beautiful houses in great neighbourhoods with award-winning schools and paying half as much for my mortgage as I do on rent. When I came home from work tonight my brother-in-law had […]

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Seamripper is my Middle Name

I am getting pretty excited for Hallowe’en.  Both costumes are really close to completion!  I have only a few final hems and snaps for Boy Blue’s costume.  Little Red’s is a little further behind but definitely on the home stretch.  Hooray!  I’ve learned a lot about sewing with this project.  I feel much more confident […]

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Old Friends Renewed

My head has been swimming lately with all the people from my past with whom I’ve regained contact.  I know it’s just a phase and once we’re all over the novelty of renewed contact we’ll go back to our day-to-day level on non-communication.  That’s just the way things are and it isn’t necessarily bad. Some […]

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Two Cute Shorts from Shorty

After breakfast this morning Me:  Would you like to watch a little bit of tv? Little Red:  No.  I would like to watch a lot of tv. After going to the bathroom Me:  Would you please put your pants back on while I go to the bathroom? Little Red:  No thank you.

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I’m Not Quitting (yet)

The boys haven’t been sleeping as well as normal, which leaves me feeling worse at 6 am than I do at 4 am.  (Why is that?!?)  We needed food anyway, so this morning we dressed and went to the grocery store before breakfast (uh, because we needed breakfast food.)  The boys were good, and I […]

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Losing My Street Creds

Yesterday as we unloaded for the zoo Jen commented to me that I’m not doing a good job of looking like the frugal mother I claim to be.  “Here you are beside your fancy new car, loading your kids into your cool jogging stroller.  Your hair is brushed and you’re wearing make up.  Honestly, I […]

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