Sick Days

I am so predictable when it comes to illness. We are sick so rarely that when we do catch whatever’s going along I accept it easily. It’s our turn after all. Besides, how are our immune systems supposed to get stronger if they aren’t exercised? Like exercise, I may not like it but I know […]

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Eternally Indebted

The sermons describing us as unprofitable servants to Christ are enough to fill an entire book. I won’t rehash that here. We are told these stories to deepen our affection for Christ. We are also told these stories as an example of how we should be. I have several friends who give to me so […]

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New Year New You

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   Resolutions?  Yep.  I’m a goal-making gal.  For the most part I’m a goal-keeper, too, although there are always a couple of pesky ones that slip away.  Some years they are small and simple (like the year when I was home all day and up all night with baby, […]

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