Some Thoughts on Winter Solstice

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}. Winter solstice is a big deal in the far north. By this time of year, the days are very short and life can be very dark. We celebrate solstice because it marks the fulcrum; from now on the days which had been getting shorter and shorter will finally start […]

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A Cookie is a Sometimes Food

Listen: This isn’t rocket science. Or brain surgery. Or astrophysics. This is basic. It’s as basic as it comes. When you eat better, you feel better. When you eat junk, you feel like junk. You know how it feels when you haven’t been eating well; you feel bloated, tired, a little depressed. It’s okay to have […]

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Moderation in All Things

The hand of God is such an amazing thing. I finally declared I was taking control of my life and actively working to lose weight and be healthier. I bought a scale (or, rather, requested that Paul buy me a scale), bought a new scale that worked, even if I had to accept that my […]

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I’m not in a funk, but I’m not in a groove.  I’m not out of sync, but I’m not really in sync, either.  I’m just … floating I guess.  I have all sorts of thoughts trapeezing through my mind, somtimes I catch them before they fly away, but when I convert them to words it’s […]

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New Me

I want to change so many things about myself but setting a million lofty goals is more ineffective than not setting any.  I believe I have settled on two official goals.  If there is a third goal it’s just a general “try harder” goal without specifics. 1.  Never say “don’t stay up too late” to […]

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Rugged Trails

I really wish we hadn’t been out of touch for the most of nine years, but getting reacquainted with one of my first roommates could not have been better timed.  We talked on the phone for an hour and a half, a marathon for me, and she recounted her life since we parted ways: her […]

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Motherland (day five)

First thing in the morning with Dad and his parents in one car, and Paul the kids and me in the van, we trekked on down to Tsawassen to hop on the ferry.  It was the boys’ first boat ride of any kind, and my first in nearly a decade.  I was so excited!  Crossing Active […]

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The Difference of a Week

I think I’m doing better at keeping myself together. Let me rephrase that.  I’m keeping the saddness at bay, but I’m really a mess when it comes to getting organized.  Well, I guess there’s always something that has to give.  If I mess up our summer playgroup schedule enough, maybe someone else will take over.  […]

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