Staying Home for Christmas

All along we’ve been planning on making a quick trip to Utah for Christmas, but with this storm blowing through we’ve decided to stay home. Little Red is devastated. He suggested that we save time and skip the storm by flying. “Well, because that would cost a thousand dollars and we don’t have a thousand […]

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Letters to Santa

Little Red (self-written): Dear Santa, sory for the confushun. What I rely want for Christmas is a lego yoda with his lego lightsaber. Boy Blue (dictated): How are you? I’ve been good for twenty weeks. I would like a Lego Ahsoka. I will give you some cookies.

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I Wish He Was Right

It was a great laugh this morning when one of the dads at dropoff explained to me that I was only “tv disorganized” so there was nothing to worry about.  (As opposed to “real life disorganized.)  I’ve been laughing about it all morning, such a very LA thing to say, but I fear the man is […]

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if only every day could end like this one with big brother putting his arm around his little brother while he reads  a story

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Too Much To Ask

Is it too much to ask that at some point in the past month I had enough time (before 10pm) to clear off the table so we could set up our Christmas tree?  For that matter, is it too much to ask that I have enough time to fold the clean laundry instead of storing […]

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Little Red

I’ve got so much to say about that sweet boy. He’s six now. That means that pretty soon this blog will be six. It’s so funny to think that I started this blog as a way of working through the c-section. I think it’s good to start a blog as catharsis, that way when down […]

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So … yeah

It turns out that sleep really is key in keeping healthy. I don’t recommend two back-to-back fundraisers. As soon as those things were over I was smacked with with the longest cold I’ve had. Wowza. Between the fundraisers and the colds I was out the whole month of November. I will say this, though, this […]

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