We’re SO LA Now!

Wednesday night, after exchanging my boys for Stacey, and we headed over the hill, skipping the freeway, into Hollywood. It’s becoming routine for us, that her husband watches the boys and that she and I go out to Paul’s show, but as it was now summer the sun was setting (instead of set) as we […]

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It’s amazing. Paul got home at a normal time last night and it didn’t bother me at all that all he could talk about was the car he’s going to buy (yes! BUY!) on Thursday.  It’s all he’s talked about for weeks and finally yesterday it wasn’t driving me crazy.  Don’t ask about the car, […]

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Wherein I rethink prose

I’ve been in need of a break for days. Each day I’ve been stumbling through in survival mode, trying to make the most of things, but just getting the bare minimum done. I’ve had no patience for the incessant repetition of questions, for the complete lack of disregard for me as a living person instead […]

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It Is Late

Dear Children, please go to sleep. My brain does not turn on until yours are peacefully sawing logs. Until I know that I will not be interrupted at uneven intervals of 1 to 10 minutes, I can’t focus on anything. I don’t really want to spend my night playing Bubble Spinner but I’m not capable of […]

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All Is Well

I was stunned at the request that I had always somehow known was coming, and teased with things like “don’t you people know I play the piano? I’ve been here for six years and not one music calling yet.” and “you know I make a really good secretary.” I wasn’t trying to back out, I […]

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What Was I Thinking?

Dear Internet, my mind is all a-twizzle. A twizzle? Is that even a word? For once, I don’t quite care. There’s just simply so many more important things to think about than grammar. Well there are. Mostly. Okay, great, now I feel guilty. A-twizzle is not a word and yet that’s exactly how I feel. […]

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