Did You Say “FREE”?

Who doesn’t like an old-fashioned giveaway?  Economy or otherwise, we all love a little love in the mail.  ABQ from Little Towheads is hosting a MEGA GIVEAWAY on her blog (and I am humbly contributing only one piece this time.)  If you haven’t yet seen her wonderful stuff, NOW IS THE TIME TO GO!  Go.  […]

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A Week in Review (x2)

(Inertia is a tough master.  When you’re busy, it’s hard to stop, and when you pause, it’s so hard to get going again.  This post has taken two weeks to write.) By 9 am on Monday my left eye was twitching … and it was a holiday. I started off the morning in dreamland: not […]

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One Step Behind the Children

On Friday I had a blog post in mind about my little guy, but decided to postpone the post because I had just written about his brother and don’t really have it in me (ie: not allowed in the computer that much!) to do two posts in one busy day. It was all about this […]

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A Daily Dose of Comedy

Little Red, he just cracks me up! He hears everything, and he remembers everything. He began the week by calling me “M-Lady.” In the middle of the week it became “My Woman.” This morning it morphed into “My Dear.” Every day he wears his supercape, but never as Batman. On a daily basis, as we […]

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We picked up Paul from the airport (he had been in Detroit for a few days) and went straight to Disneyland. It was the first non-rainy trip to Disneyland we’ve made in over two months. It was, in fact, a perfect day. Boy Blue and I both shared our first-ever ride on Autopia.  I let […]

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It’s My Blirthday

Today marks the end of my fourth year of blogging, so even thought tomorrow is the BlirthDAY, I’ve chosen to celebrate today.  Tomorrow’s celebration is all about Paul.  (No, he didn’t get a job — it’s Valentine’s Day, silly!) It’s funny to think that I started blogging when I didn’t know any bloggers and I […]

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About A Boy

Boy Blue, my youngest who became a middle child much too young, is and always will be my baby. He is a bigger Mama’s boy than his older brother and has the eating habits to prove it.  His personality is so sweet, and his mind is always working on the next obstacle to climb or […]

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That Their Burdens May Be Light

You know in the scriptures the stories of people forced to endure very difficult things, but because of their faith and the grace of God, their burdens have been made light? It has been three months, three weeks, and one day since Paul was laid off, and on nearly every single one of those days […]

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