Parry Hotter

(I started leaving a comment for Karen, on her Countdown post, but realized I should just write my own post.  I’m not doing the whole Harry Potter meme, I’m only responding to the first question.) When I was student teaching I borrowed books 1-3 from my cooperating teacher under her recommendation.  It was very important to both […]

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Education Interrupted

He didn’t particularly stand out in our class, not physically, not intellectually, and not even emotionally — which is pretty telling as his father had passed away shortly before.  He was just a very even kid, although a little more somber than most.  He had the capability of performing better, but chose to be average.  […]

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My Role as a Woman

His first day in Hawaii, my husband (then fiance) called me and his family to tell us how cold he had been his first night. It was January and his complaints fell on blizzard-frozen ears in Detroit and my only-slightly-more sympathetic ears in Idaho. What of the lightweight blanket he had received for Christmas? It […]

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