The Adventures of Anxiety Girl

Anxiety Girl Gets a Ticket Driving down a road she’d never travelled before, hoping it would lead her where she wants to go (home) she gets pulled over. The officer kindly informs her that she was going 34 in a school zone. She is astounded. She stutters and stammers and shakes and trembles. She had […]

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DMV x2

Dear California DMV, You’re the boyfriend I was hoping I could ignore and you would get the hint. I gave you too much credit. Please stop harassing me. You’re clearly so desperate for money that you keep hounding me for renewal fees for a car I registered in another state seven months ago. You and […]

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Blue’s Clues

Today “You get what you get and you don’t get upset is only true if it’s something you want. Otherwise you should argue.” “Hey, how did these M&Ms get here? I was just doing nothing and all of a sudden these M&Ms appeared in my hand without me doing anything! Can I eat them?”

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