High Praise

Today I received what I considered to be high praise from my favourite curmudgeon; he referred to me as “competant.” (Was it highly competant?) It couldn’t have come at a better time, it really bolstered me for the rest of the day’s drama.

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I Don’t Understand

How is it that my progeny, the children genetically related to me and raised by me, are obssessed with the two things I despise the most? Why is it that all their fascinations and stories revolve around materialism and violence? How did this happen?

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Ice Cream

Yesterday Paul was the guest chef for his friend’s weekly BYU Football Watching Party. Paul’s not particularly a BYU fan, but he does like football and there aren’t many options for a Michigan fan out here. So he prepared his amazing pork tenderloin and I made southern-style macaroni and cheese and we all feasted ourselves […]

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9:15 AM, Wednesday

The oldest is at school and the youngest has been set up with PBS kids, his long-lost babysitter. Poor deprived child just doesn’t get to watch enough television, in his opinion. The dishes from last night are done, neglected as we ran off to the PTA meeting. The roast is in the crock pot and […]

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Red’s Head, Bad Words Edition

(overheard from the backseat between Red and his friend Big Jack) “…then there’s the S word. You should never say the S word, it’s a really bad word.” I knew that one: stupid. I actually said it this morning out of frustration and was very quickly called out for my carelessness. “Yeah, you should never […]

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Halloween, not homemade

It took me till the end of August to finally declare to myself that I didn’t need to make the Hallowe’en costumes this year. What did I have to prove? I wasn’t saving any money by making the costumes, and I didn’t need to wear myself out. This was going to be the year of […]

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Blue’s Clues

Blue: Mummy, can we get a pet gorilla? Me: No, sorry. Gorillas don’t make very good pets. Blue: Maybe we can buy a house that has a yard. Then we can keep the gorilla in the backyard! Problem solved

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Best Buds

Today I reread my blogs from the days when Boy Blue was born. I’m glad I was as honest as I was, chronicling the good and the difficult. I was so touched at what a sweet brother Red was to Blue. Tonight they stayed up an hour past bedtime, with Blue in Red’s bed, while […]

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On Project-Making

It’s important, if you happen to be a crazy person obsessed with being in over your head, to have two different types of friends. You need the kind of friend who can talk you down from the ledge when you’re taking on too much. You also need the kind of friend who will egg you […]

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