Camp Mama: Harry Potter

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   We have a great love of Harry Potter in our house, so the last week of July is reserved for celebrating the birthday of the Boy Who Lived. This year was even bigger than ever and I am really pleased with the way the week came together. This […]

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Playing Tag

I never liked playing tag as a kid.  I couldn’t run fast enough to evade being tagged for any period of time and couldn’t run fast enough to tag anyone else so I could have a bit of a break.  All that running around just seemed pointless to me.  I just wanted someone to talk […]

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Book Talk: Nurture Shock

I had a serious perfectionism complex when I was young. I knew I was imperfect, but felt that I was expected to be perfect. Being smart meant knowing the answers (always.) Being a good “little mama/big sister” meant being reliable and in control (always.) Being Mormon meant following all the commandments (always.) For the most […]

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It’s a long weekend and I have a new book.  So I didn’t go to bed early last night, or even on-time.  So I’m soaking the pot from the Thai curry instead of scrubbing it out.  So I laid out my shirts on my cedar chest instead of hanging them up.  So what?  I think […]

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