Monday’s Musings on March

March 25, 2013

So I went to a hand’s on children’s museum on Friday with 2000 children. It goes without saying that I’ve caught another cold. By the time this year is over I’ll have developed immunity to everything — everything, I tell you!

In other news: grandparent month has even a success. We’ve been blessed to host two sets of grandparents in our guest room, learning as we go along. I may be the only woman in the world who doesn’t use a hair dryer so I plan to purchase one before more company comes for their comfort.

My baby turns six on Thursday. I’m in partial denial and have waited to the last moment to plan. Poor kid has quite a dud for a mum.

And as it turns out I get to take the kids with me to the dentist on Friday because its a day off school due to us not having any bad-weather days. That should be fun. Fortunately my kids are pretty well-behaved, and my new dentist is my visiting teacher. Hopefully it’ll go quickly as I have my weekly conference call on Friday mornings and I had to miss last week for the field trip. (I take my pretend jobs just as seriously as any real job. I’ll be glad did when it starts paying off.)



March 11, 2013

Last night at supper Dad observed that all of his children are currently involved in start ups.

Paul remarked that’s how you know we are Dad’s children.

All I know is that I am proud to be part of that legacy.

First Houseguests

March 10, 2013

Saturday night, 7:55, the plane was supposed to land but they got a late start so I arrived at the airport half an hour later.

Saturday night, 9:10, the airport is a dead zone so I leave the classical radio if my car and watch the arrivals board at the baggage claim readjust the times ahead another couple of hours.

Saturday night, 9:45, I am back at home and Liz texts me from OKC where the plane stopped to refuel and wait out the storm. The drive home had been hairy, reminiscent of the storm we chased when we moved here a year ago.

Sunday morning, 12:30, the plane finally lands. Staff work hard to meet the needs of all the diverted planes now arriving. I greet my parents, crack Texas weather jokes, and bring them home.

Sunday morning, 2:00 we climb into bed, but as it is somehow Daylight Savings it is actually 3:00.

Sunday I was so excited Dad and Liz were here I didn’t even notice how tired I was all day.

Quitting is Not Giving Up

March 9, 2013

Today we submitted our 30-day notice of cancellation of our karate contract. By the time we are done we will have been with this school for a week shy of a year, and that is certainly not how I anticipated this to be.

But it’s expensive. I need that money for a million other things. We really should have quit months ago but I kept hoping things would get better. I expected the quality to improve, I expected our finances to work out not get worse, I expected the kids to start liking it again. None of that happened. It’s going to kill me to watch that final payment come out of my account but that’s just the way things go.

It served it’s purpose. While the boys were enjoying it, it helped them through two moves and our first summer without our beloved friends and museums. It was good and we are grateful.

I still believe in the practice of martial arts. I am not giving up on martial arts for our family, but my boys are young and my time and finances have bigger priorities right now. It’s time to quit.


March 1, 2013

I had a conference call today. Thanks to Umberto Eco, Kurt Vonnegut and JKRowling I had hands-free FaceTime.


It’s important to be friends with those whom you work but it’s a true delight to be able to work with your friends. I’m blessed to work with friends in several different capacities. My heart is full.