Halloween Chez Nous, 2005

Last night we went to our church Halloween Party. To prepare for the party we baked and decorated a cake for the cake decorating contest. We had a lot of fun and have some leftovers of the “decorations.” Uh-Oh! Little Red thought the cake was so funny, all afternoon whenever he passed by the kitchen […]

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Mothering Fear

One of my biggest fears as a mother happened today. I obssessed over it as a brand new mother, concerned that in my weakened, post-operative state, that the worst would happen and I would break my newborn. As I got stronger this fear moved further back in my mind, but I always worried about it, […]

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Why Do You Blog?

Ever since I read Karen’s post the other day on the Blogger’s Philosophy, I’ve been asking myself why I blog. Why did I create a blog?My reasons for starting my blog are twofold: first to chronicle my adventures as a new mother (because I’m really not keeping a journal,) and second as a way to […]

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The Art of Patience

For the most part, every behaviour of my sons that makes me unenthralled only lasts two weeks. After that, of course, he has changed developmentally and no longer needs to do whatever it is. Even the teething bouts have been shorter than two weeks. My son’s six weeks of separation anxiety was exhausting. I reminded […]

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Water Water Everywhere

In June of 2004, immediately before we moved into this apartment, the hot water heater was replaced. What had started as a small leak had gone unreported to our landlords until the whole thing needed to be replaced. Unfortunately the leak had also damaged the carpet and carpet pad so within the first week of […]

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On Monday my son and I met a mother with her young daughter in (where else?) the baby aisles at Target. She was interested in my Maya Wrap and my son was curious as to why her baby (incidently named Maya) was crying. As we talked, sitting on the floor in the aisle, she feeding […]

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Library Drama

Today at the library my son had a fabulous time. He’s finally getting more independent so even during story time he’s starting to go over to other children. During the free-for-all playtime afterwards he played with a variety of new children and even accepted unsolicited hugs and kisses from some other children. (So cute…) At […]

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Homemade Mommy

The women in our playgroup have stuck together for nearly a year, now. We’ve survived teething and toddles, nursing and weaning (for most of us). We found each other through mutual birth philosophies and have stuck together with similar parenting philosophies. Our parenting differs individually as our personalities stand out and it’s been so fun […]

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My mother-in-law has a great imagination; I’m really glad that she’s always thinking. A by-product of always thinking is that she comes up with some really great conspiracies. She puts a lot of thought into them and while most people don’t subscribe to her theories I have to give her credit for going the distance […]

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I like this guy better (still me, btw): Your Monster Profile Mad Ogre You Feast On: Pie You Lurk Around In: The Hearts of Men You Especially Like to Torment: Lawyers What’s Your Monster Name? There are just so many good ones… I’ve wasted too much time already.

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