The Other Girl

Down the stairs at the back of Dad’s house, off the laundry room, is the spare bedroom/storage room. There is a bed in there, but the room’s main purpose is as the uncatalogued archives of the Fullers. This week while I was up I found several boxes of memories. The collection of Henle editions was […]

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How varied in his stylesgenressubjectsmoods I didn’t realizehe had so much depth The portraitswere sometimes comicalwith something brightbeautifulcolourfulbeside a pieceso darkmacabreand depressingthat it made me laugh He wrote the date backwardsand I pontificatedfor much too longon that significance(if there even is any)and the fact that I do the same. But I’m not Picasso. Thank goodness! […]

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OVMR, FMH, and me

My great-grandfather, O.V.M.-R., served in WWI, along with his future wife, a nurse he met on the boat. They settled in Canada after the war, but he was asked by the British government to return and help step the tide of WWII. He Christmased in the Ardennes and held off the Germans until more troops […]

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Me Pretty

Five or six weeks into our first semester of college, my roommates and I set off on our first (and most illustrious) road trip. Some family friends of one roommate came to Rexburg, loaded us up in the Suburban, and drove us to the ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming (my furthest trip east to date.) […]

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The Spell of the Yukon

Last night I caught the last half of globetrekker on PBS. He was on Baffin Island. While I have never been to Baffin Island, the images struck me as home. Iqaluit and Whitehorse are on opposite ends of the country, the lifestyle is different, the language is different, the food is different, even the tribes […]

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Who Needs Sleep?

There are several things that disrupt my son’s sleep. * teething (okay, who isn’t disrupted by teething?) * upcoming developmental milestones * separation anxiety * illness This week is the perfect storm of all of them and last night it took me over two hours to get him to go to sleep in his bed. […]

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Domino Decisions

Once I dated a guy who was anything but ordinary; now that’s not to say that everyone else was boring — my husband stands out in many different ways — but this guy: … well, you’ll see. In a letter he wrote me once (since most of our relationship was long-distance) he was comparing me […]

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