Little Red awoke before his brother this morning. I heard his door creak open, and then mine, and finally he approached my bedside. I kept my eyes closed the whole time; it’s a ritual I do with both boys, letting them think they’re waking me up. Somehow being awake with my eyes closed for the […]

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I Remember

I did not post on Remembrance Day, but I remembered.  I sent Little Red to school the day before with one of my childhood poppies pinned to his shirt.  I knew the chances were high that it would not survive the day, and I was ready for that sacrifice; the more important thing was that […]

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True Confessions.

Let me begin by saying that while I will never win an award for Homemaker of the Year, my place is far from a pig sty. The toys are frequently strewn around during the day but we make it a point to pick up nightly (as much as possible) and I keep the kitchen and […]

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Don’t Miss This One

Do you know about Little Bird Tales? It’s only the coolest way to highlight your child’s voice and artistry. You simply upload his artwork, record his voice, and voila! It’s sooooo cool. Seriously. Well, from now through December 25th Little Bird Tales is offering to donate 50% of your subscription costs to our school when you […]

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