Pardon the Interruption

More details later, but I just wanted to say that our Easter Bunny came a week early but we are home and well and resting now.  He was 7 lbs 9.2 oz and 21 inches long at birth, and although the labour was long, we were able to do a VBAC.  (Whether or not I’ll […]

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The assortment of cars that we see varies only slightly, week to week.  It begins with the street sweeper and the cars parked on the opposite side of the street.  On the bigger street we will always see a police car, at least one garbage truck, at least two city busses, and numerous people on […]

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The Fantastic Little Red

Last night after Little Red went to bed and my husband and I were downstairs we heard the unmistakable noise of the door closing.  (Little Red often closes his bedroom door behind himself when he gets up — it really helps me wake up in the morning, I have warning before he’s suddenly beside my […]

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Manic Monday

How to Give a Pregnant Lady a Complex On Saturday morning the Young Girl at my table asked me if my baby had come out yet.  I leaned back, patted my belly and said, “you tell me.”  She concluded I had not yet had my baby. Teenage Girl said, “you’re pregnant?” “Did you think this […]

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This morning Little Red and I were at JoAnn.  As I was browsing I noticed a great sale on some yarn I like and decided to pick up a couple of balls.  Suddenly I heard a little voice beside me: “No, Mummy, don’t touch.”  Yes, it was my little guy. “No, Mummy.  Mummy, I said […]

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Guideline for Survival: Aim Low

New Year’s Resolution: brush hair daily Today’s Goal: vaccuum To achieve today’s goal I had to pick up the same toys numerous times and send Little Red to other parts of the house (probably to mess up) just so I could finally do it.  I’m totally worn out, but I can officially say “done.”  And I […]

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I’m sure I wasn’t older than eight when I first noticed my obsession with numbers and patterns.  When doing the dishes I had the overwhealming compulsion to ensure that the red and yellow plates and cups were stacked in a way that each stack clearly showed a pattern.  It was a challenge to come up with […]

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