I Couldn’t Be More Proud

Little Red is wearing his t-shirt backwards today.  Intentionally.  When we were walking to Kaiser (I decided to take advantage off the free flu shot while I still had insurance and today is my last day with insurance) I asked him if he was planning on turning it around. “No.”  He replied.  “I like it […]

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The Difference of a Week

If I really thought that it was complaining that did the trick, I would do a whole lot more complaining.  It wasn’t blogging about Aiden’s refusal to sleep that changed him, but isn’t it funny that everything got better after I hit publish? His afternoon naps have returned to their 1-2 hour normalcy, and it’s […]

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Adventures in Books

The Cub Scout theme for this month’s pac meeting was “Adventures in Books.”  We had the children come dressed as a character from literature, and we played reading-themed activities.  One of the things we did was to provide every family with a story starter and have them write during the evening.  Most of our boys […]

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It’s that time again …

This year I have mixed feelings about Halloween. I finished another year of homemade costumes for the kids.  I’m proud of the costumes.  I really love homemade costumes.  That said, I will wait until next fall to decide if I’m making costumes again next year.  It is always such a struggle to get them done.  […]

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The Baby Who Would Not Sleep

Next week will make six months that Aiden has been coming to us.  During that time he has grown and developped a tremendous amount — I am always amazed at the rapid growth of infants.  For my part I have tried to expose him to a wide variety of experiences, people, and, of course, toys.  […]

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Surprise Metaphor

The bad news: I got into an emotional eating contest this weekend with myself. The good news: I think I won. I have made a very deliberate attempt to not document my most extreme emotions because I have chosen to remember myself as being strong.  This marks a huge break from the historian I used […]

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I Am A Child of God

Today our primary children put on their presentation in sacrament meeting.  I was in charge of writing it, and I “got out of it” by recycling all their old talks.  I loved hearing the children tell their own stories and speak in their own words instead of mine.  From the first real practice I knew […]

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