I Couldn’t Be More Proud

Little Red is wearing his t-shirt backwards today.  Intentionally.  When we were walking to Kaiser (I decided to take advantage off the free flu shot while I still had insurance and today is my last day with insurance) I asked him if he was planning on turning it around. “No.”  He replied.  “I like it […]

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The Difference of a Week

If I really thought that it was complaining that did the trick, I would do a whole lot more complaining.  It wasn’t blogging about Aiden’s refusal to sleep that changed him, but isn’t it funny that everything got better after I hit publish? His afternoon naps have returned to their 1-2 hour normalcy, and it’s […]

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Adventures in Books

The Cub Scout theme for this month’s pac meeting was “Adventures in Books.”  We had the children come dressed as a character from literature, and we played reading-themed activities.  One of the things we did was to provide every family with a story starter and have them write during the evening.  Most of our boys […]

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It’s that time again …

This year I have mixed feelings about Halloween. I finished another year of homemade costumes for the kids.  I’m proud of the costumes.  I really love homemade costumes.  That said, I will wait until next fall to decide if I’m making costumes again next year.  It is always such a struggle to get them done.  […]

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The Baby Who Would Not Sleep

Next week will make six months that Aiden has been coming to us.  During that time he has grown and developped a tremendous amount — I am always amazed at the rapid growth of infants.  For my part I have tried to expose him to a wide variety of experiences, people, and, of course, toys.  […]

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Surprise Metaphor

The bad news: I got into an emotional eating contest this weekend with myself. The good news: I think I won. I have made a very deliberate attempt to not document my most extreme emotions because I have chosen to remember myself as being strong.  This marks a huge break from the historian I used […]

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I Am A Child of God

Today our primary children put on their presentation in sacrament meeting.  I was in charge of writing it, and I “got out of it” by recycling all their old talks.  I loved hearing the children tell their own stories and speak in their own words instead of mine.  From the first real practice I knew […]

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Living With Boys

As soon as I hit “publish” for the previous post, I heard Little Red call from upstairs about an accident in his bathroom.  I had only been away from them for two minutes, as I already had my ideas drafted in my mind. When I went upstairs, however, I saw that Little Red was still […]

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He’ll Never Know

Paul has been home for a week now, but has tried to keep himself sequestered in the bedroom for his job search.  I’m so glad that he is staying so focused with this entire thing.  When he’s down in the living room with the rest of us, the kids have been pretty calm.  At the […]

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I’m doing well, but the dark side is always so close to the surface.  I feel really good about things, and I am very excited for whatever is coming up next, but sometimes these doubts creep up … the economy is scary, …  we’ve been here before, … what if it really does take as […]

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