Two Things I Don’t Want to Forget

February 26, 2007

When Little Red still slept in his crib he would call to me in the morning.  I’d lift him out of his crib, carry him down the stairs, and sleepily explain that I just needed to go to the washroom and then I’d come cuddle with him.  He never stayed on the couch for me to return, instead he’d come running toward the powder room the second he heard me flush the toilet (he learned the hard way not to leave the couch earlier because I hit him with the door more than once!)  That way as soon as I came out I was attacked by a furball in the dark.  He doesn’t do it anymore, but I never want to forget that running furball.

 Little Red has never appreciated just how exhausting it is to be his parents, and if we dare close our eyes he tells us, “wake up, Mummy/Daddy!”  (Even with his back to us, he knows.)  He’s decided, however, that “wake up, Mummy” takes too long to say and has abbreviated his command, creating a new contraction: gup.  Now we hear “Gup, Mummy! Gup, Daddy!”


First Business Trip

February 23, 2007

He’s had short trips all over Southern California, but this morning we were at the Burbank airport by 6am, dropping off my husband for his first fly-out.  He didn’t go far, just to San Jose and San Fransisco, and he’ll be back by 10pm, but I consider this to be the first business trip. 

He’s on his own, with the corporate card, and a rental car.  Luckily for all of us he booked all his appointments on the same day so he doesn’t have to spend the night, which is especially good because Little Red’s really been missing him lately.  I know the promotion won’t come until the underlings stop getting fired, but I feel like this is a big step toward proving himself to his boss and working to expand the company.  And it’s just plain cool!  Something like this would never have happened with that old job we held for two years with no future! 

Tonight, while he dines on $50 french fries in the Oakland Airport I think Little Red and I will serve up some toast and peanut butter with a side of fresh fruit. (grains, protein and fruits, that’s healthy, right?)

Renting Rant

February 22, 2007

It took two weeks after we got our new phone number for my landlords to make the change in our intercom (although they had told me they’d do it that day.)  I don’t like the new intercom because it comes in through our telephone and I never know if it’s someone at the door or someone calling to say hi.

But at least it worked.

This week, somehow, it doesn’t.  Not only will someone trying to buzz our apartment not get our apartment, but they don’t even get someone in the building.  Instead they’re just ringing some random person’s phone.

What were my landlords even doing fiddling with our intercom line? 

Yes, it entirely possible that I’m extra annoyed because I’ve been up since four and that I’m still annoyed about the rent raise for no maintenance (but believe me, my rent cheque this month will include a letter with my maintenance demands.)

There was a time I liked cats…

February 22, 2007

… and there was a time when I thought the culprit of our apartment feline odors was the mangy cat of those neighbours who left last fall (you know, those, the ones who were living in filth.)  But they’ve been gone since November and we’ve had two incidents this month.  We’ve officially seen the stray cats wandering our complex.

The most recent incident happened at 4 this morning.  I couldn’t sleep because the smell was so bad (yes, upstairs, the smell permeates everywhere.)  I sprayed and scrubbed and scrubbed and sprayed indoors and out.  You can eat off my floor (although I chose not to even though I was completely famished by then) but I can still smell it a little.

I’m ready for war.  I await all your suggestions.  I’m having a baby in six weeks and will not expose him to such a health hazard.  I’ve reached the point where I will do almost anything…

Best Friends

February 21, 2007

Little Red has been friends with Big Jack since they were in utero.  Every week they hung out while their anxious parents studiously prepared for their impending arrival.  Soon after their births they resumed their weekly adventures and have played together at least once a week ever since.

Of course, as two year olds, they have a rocky friendship.  Their interests are so alike that they both love the exact same toys, and their closeness makes them more like siblings.  Usually every playgroup results in at least one battle between the two.

 The beauty is that they truly enjoy each other’s company and love each other.  No matter what tumult had happened on the previous visit they are eager to see each other again.  Today as we were running out to the car Little Red ran all the way down the walk calling, “I’m coming Jack!  Jack, I’m coming!”  Jack, in the car, heard Little Red’s calls and shrieked excitedly “Little Red!”

I need to be more like that, more ready to accept my friends for their virtues and more truly forgiving of their flaws.  I have so much to learn from these two-year olds.

Finding Nemo

February 19, 2007

I still can’t get over how much fun it is that my husband gets bank holidays off.  Our original plans, and the reason for which I got off work, got cancelled so we opted for a less-expensive, closer version of the same thing.  In short, we exchanged Sea World for the Aquarium of the Pacific.  (We had been given money to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day and used it for a year-long membership to the aquarium.  Now we’ll think of Valentine’s Day all year round.)

 We set off early in the morning to make the most of our time before we all wore down for naptime.  Turns out we planned it perfectly, as just as we were winding down the corridors were packed with strollers, wild children, and oblivious parents.  But before the aquarium closely resembled the freeways we had a wonderful time.

We saw that the underside of rays had surprisingly human facial features…


… we caught breakfast time for many fish (Little Red especially loved watching the divers, and said, “come back man!” when they left) …


… and yes, we found Nemo.  Many, many, many Nemos.


Ready or Not?

February 18, 2007

Last night the baby dropped.  He’s been riding really high since the moment of conception so a week and a half ago when my nurse practitioner told me to expect the baby to drop in the next two weeks I scoffed inwardly.  (And I wondered, how would I even know?  Little Red had been so low from the beginning I didn’t notice a difference when he was considered to be in position, not to mention that he had been my first.)

Yesterday we went on a long walk with my in-laws around the neighbourhood and through several open houses.  (It was a very eye-opening experience for them to see just how bad things really are in our nice neighbourhood as far as prices and quality.)  I was totally pooped out when we got home, and my ankles were getting a little swollen, but I remarked to Paul how nice it was that my ligaments had behaved themselves well, nothing popping out on our walk. 

We bid goodbye to his parents and went out for a drive.  Suddenly I realized that the baby was moving in places I hadn’t felt since my previous pregnancy.  Interspersed with walking and resting throughout the evening the baby completely dropped.  I had managed to survive a high-riding pregnancy without too much pain in my ribs or lungs, but even more exciting was that I was actually alert and aware of the baby shifting into position. 

Finally my pants can stay up, and I’m excited about that.  But I’m even more excited to know that I’m 6 1/2 weeks away and things are still looking positive for a VBAC.  Am I ready for the baby?  Of course not, but we’re both getting ready.