First Business Trip

He’s had short trips all over Southern California, but this morning we were at the Burbank airport by 6am, dropping off my husband for his first fly-out.  He didn’t go far, just to San Jose and San Fransisco, and he’ll be back by 10pm, but I consider this to be the first business trip.  He’s […]

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Renting Rant

It took two weeks after we got our new phone number for my landlords to make the change in our intercom (although they had told me they’d do it that day.)  I don’t like the new intercom because it comes in through our telephone and I never know if it’s someone at the door or […]

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There was a time I liked cats…

… and there was a time when I thought the culprit of our apartment feline odors was the mangy cat of those neighbours who left last fall (you know, those, the ones who were living in filth.)  But they’ve been gone since November and we’ve had two incidents this month.  We’ve officially seen the stray […]

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Best Friends

Little Red has been friends with Big Jack since they were in utero.  Every week they hung out while their anxious parents studiously prepared for their impending arrival.  Soon after their births they resumed their weekly adventures and have played together at least once a week ever since. Of course, as two year olds, they […]

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Finding Nemo

I still can’t get over how much fun it is that my husband gets bank holidays off.  Our original plans, and the reason for which I got off work, got cancelled so we opted for a less-expensive, closer version of the same thing.  In short, we exchanged Sea World for the Aquarium of the Pacific.  […]

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Ready or Not?

Last night the baby dropped.  He’s been riding really high since the moment of conception so a week and a half ago when my nurse practitioner told me to expect the baby to drop in the next two weeks I scoffed inwardly.  (And I wondered, how would I even know?  Little Red had been so […]

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With Love, from Me to Me

I have one documented experience sleep-walking/talking.  It came at a very interesting period of my life in which I was engaged to someone on a rock in the middle of the largest ocean in the world while I was stranded in the prairie.  The people who I saw most were not those with whom I […]

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Love Is …

not buying your wife flowers for Valentine’s because you know she’d rather you not spend the money on something like that right now and instead emailing her an e-card from stupid videos.

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