Habit Forming

I have to remind myself as we are in the midst of thumb-sucking with Blue that this will not last forever. We’ve been through this before with Red (twice.) of course, in the middle of things it’s hard to keep perspective. This time I’m not as discouraged as I have been before. It isn’t the […]

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End of Summer

I have so many thoughts but they are a jumbled mess. Red finished school at the end of May and didn’t go back until today. We had the longest summer vacation of any of our public school friends. Today he starts grade three and his little brother starts kindergarten. I have had such mixed feelings […]

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I’ve been having a hard time this week for reasons too numerous to list. White-knuckling through each day is not exactly how I imagined our last week of summer, and I’m trying really hard to keep it happy, fun, and good, but it is a struggle. Tonight Paul said, “don’t feel so bad. You miss […]

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