Preschool: Robots

(part of the “Wall-E” unit) Darth Tater and R2Pota2 As the children entered I had our potato head basket out. I use potatoheads a lot with the children because it’s such a versatile toy. We have components to make potatohead versions of Darth Vader, R2D2, Bumblebee from transformers, and more. Reading Time (identification of subject) […]

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Preschool: French

(This lesson is my contribution to the Ratatouille unit, it was thrown together at the last minute, but came out well enough.) Curious George (the movie) in French Normally I don’t use tv with the children, but in this case it served several purposes: it allowed me to finish up my prep in the kitchen, […]

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Preschool: Monsters

(Not a Monsters, Inc. segment, a stand-alone monster lesson that I did a couple of days before Hallowe’en.) Monstrous Storytime “Things That Go Boo!” by Joe Fitzpatrick, illustrated by Paulette Rich Long “Ten Monsters in a Bed” adapted by Rozanne Lanczak Williams, illustrated by Kathleen Dunne “Monster Baby” by Dian Curtiss Regan, illustrated by Doug […]

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Preschool: Dentistry

(part of the Finding Nemo unit) I did this lesson on a day that Red could be home with us. Unfortunately it was a while ago and I don’t remember well everything we did. Books: “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist” and probably something else but I can’t remember. I used Red as my guest […]

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Preschool: Australian Music

(note: this is part of a larger unit that will result in a “Finding Nemo” movie party) Background music: Yothu Yindi Read: “Where the Forest Meets the Sea” by Jennie Baker¬†and “Marsupial Sue” by John Lithgow. In “The Aboriginal Peoples of Australia” open to page with didjeridu and have children identify a musical instrument. Talk […]

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Preschool: Z

Z is for Zoo As the children entered I had them play with all of the animals (toys, puppets, whatever) that I had previously laid out. After a short play we did an animal sort with them, classifying which animals were zoo animals and which were not. Reading Time (Z is for zzzzzzz and zoo) […]

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Preschool: U

(I’m not sure why I didn’t post about this lesson the day-of, because of course, a month later, I can’t remember it all.) Reading Time (U is for Underpants) “Dinosaurs Love Underpants” by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort “Dr. Seuss’ ABCs” by Dr. Seuss U is for Umbrella What is it than an umbrella does?¬† […]

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