A Love Story

When cooking, we often refer to marrying flavours.  We take two separate foods and usually with heat and vigorous stirring the two flavours unite to become something new and different, but most importantly, cohesive.  If foods have opinions they’d probably prefer to be left alone, not bothering to undergo a chemical transformation, but the end result is often superior.  It’s a good thing foods don’t have opinions.

A marriage between two people is very much the same.  Two individuals, pretty content living their lives and doing a pretty good job of being whole, are tossed into a pot and stirred vigorously over heat.  A true marriage between two people is one that has endured some sort of stress to instigate a transformation that has unified the two to become one.  It isn’t instantaneous with the “I do”s, nor is it a simple or enjoyable process.  It is, however, one that is mandatory for a strong marriage.

This isn’t the first time Paul and I have been stirred vigorously over high heat, nor will it be the last.  Our marriage began years ago and we continue to bond together during tough times.  Each episode of cooking strengthens our marriage more and I am grateful for the reminder that I chose my mate well, and that we will be together for the eternities.  I am equally grateful for the stressers in our life: parenthood, unemployment, etc, that fuse our hearts together and make us as a product so much greater than the sum of the two of us individually.

Turn up that heat, I’m ready.

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