Polynesian Christmans: Maori Ornaments

Filing this under “Things I Will Do Over the Break.” I haven’t had the sit down time before Christmas, but in my research I came across these Maori ornaments that I can’t live without.

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Christmas ornaments from Maori Lifestyles blog.

The first should be easy enough to do. I’ve already purchased the felt, even. I find these kinds of felt pillow ornaments pretty easy to do, and very satisfying. It’s just a matter of time in getting it done.

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Image by Kieran Somerville from Pixabay

Perhaps it’s just me, but the koru designs found everywhere in Maori culture intrigue me so much. These fern swirls adorn everything from clothing to buildings and any other art form you can find.

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Image by falco from Pixabay

I stumbled across Teaching Maori Art to Children on LiteracyNZ and plan to revisit the site many times before the holiday is over, and beyond. It comes with some practical suggestions and ideas as well as explanations of some of the shapes and history. I can’t wait to try them out. It doesn’t matter whether the kids join me at all, these activities are so fascinating to me.

I’ve always felt a kinship with Aotearoa – the Land of the Long White Cloud. I have family there, and perhaps that’s why. But also every New Zealander I have met has been warm, kind, friendly, and genuine. I look forward to learning more specifically about their beautiful land and the history therein.

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This post is part of our month-long exploration into Polynesian Christmas traditions and inspirations. See the whole collection of activities and discoveries here.

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