Vegas Musts that I Didn’t Do

* swim in the pool (and it was a really cool one, too)

* eat at a buffet

* see the Bellagio fountains

* see a show

* shop (unless M&Ms count…)

* smoke, drink, gamble, or get a hooker


5 Responses to Vegas Musts that I Didn’t Do

  1. GoofyJ says:

    ha! ha! ha! I just busted up laughing when I got to the last one – so glad to know you didn’t do that! 🙂 heh. I don’t know though, M&Ms would definitely count for me. 🙂

  2. feathersky says:

    I’m really glad that the title wasn’t “Vegas Musts that I Didn’t Do but Wish I Had.” 😉

    I’ve always wanted to see the Ballagio Fountains. I have absolutely no desire to see anything else in Vegas though (especially the hookers!)!

    The streets are littered with newspaper-like flyers of hookers. It’s awful. I will definitely not take the boys when they are old enough to ask “what’s that?”

  3. Shevaun says:

    Too funny!! I read it to Jeff and he laughed too! It’s good that you can resist tempations like the last four! Hahaha…I hope one day that we might make it there…just to say I’ve been there. After that, I don’t care! I really want to see those fountains myself. They look incredible!

    The mentos and diet coke fountains are still the closest I’ve seen to the real thing. 😛

  4. aprilmommy says:

    *call April and let her know I was in town 😉

    Yes, you’re right. But now do you understand how it slipped my mind?

  5. aprilmommy says:

    yes of course I do Heather. I just have to tease you about it anyway.

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