The Cat Came Back

… with a vengence.

We had a break for several good, long, happy months.  Unfortunately we have been marked more than four times this month.  I know it’s because the litter of feral cats is now prowling around at the resident territorial neighbourhood cat is back to mark his land.  I’ve planted lavender in the plant beds directly across from our front door, and it is a minor victory in that there’s no new cat poo in the garden, but the lavender isn’t strong enough to keep that cat from peeing on our door.  (It isn’t the new family, they pee downstairs in the parking garage.  Officially our building is the stinky house on the block.  Blech.)

The City has already received numerous calls, but until they do something, we’re going to keep calling.  This just isn’t sanitary!

… but I’m glad I planted the lavender.  I hope it gets enough sunlight to thrive.  I really like lavender.

4 thoughts on “The Cat Came Back

  1. I must have missed something, because I don’t recall you mentioning a cat problem before. However… that sucks!! Where are these cars coming from? And why are they “targeting” your house??

    Lavender really is nice. Glad to hear that it helps… at least a little. 🙂

    It started with one stray several years ago. I thought it was the neighbour’s cat, but now I think it’s just the neighbourhood cat. He’s quite assertive. He left us alone for several months now, and I thought the problem was gone, but now that we have an entire colony (I think 4 kittens plus parents) he’s back with a vengence. No idea why he is marking our door. I’m glad the “others” don’t, but the entire garage stinks so it’s not like it’s “better”, just not so personal.

    ps: if you search “cat pee” within my blog you’ll find a few of the related posts.

  2. Oh man, that really is terrible news. I hope the lavender helps. Lavender can be cut back and “harvested” several times (probably way more in California) so maybe you could dry your first batch, crush it, and scatter it around the door. If nothing else it might compete with the offending odours. Well, we can always hope…

    I don’t know anything about harvesting the plants. I have so much to learn!

  3. Have you tried Feliway or one of the other cat-deterring sprays? Also, is there a rescue agency in your area that might help? Even if they can’t take the cat away, they sometimes will help with getting the cats spayed/neutered and that reduces spraying and such.

    Animal control is taken care of by the Pasadena Humane Society. I’ve finally taken control of the reconnaissance and my landlords have finally reached their breaking point with the problem, and they’ve got a trap up now (humane trap.) The Humane Society will pick up the trap with cat, neuter the cat, and try to get it up for adoption. And we will start the trapping again — I think there are six cats in total so this will take a while. The problem with the sprays is that someone in our building is feeding the cats, and the while I can spray my front door, it still doesn’t keep the other cats from using our gardens and garage as their litter box.

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