That Their Burdens May Be Light

You know in the scriptures the stories of people forced to endure very difficult things, but because of their faith and the grace of God, their burdens have been made light? It has been three months, three weeks, and one day since Paul was laid off, and on nearly every single one of those days I have likened myself to those of old whose burdens had been made light. The Lord did not immediately say, “you’re right, you’re too good of a people to be enslaved, I’ll just free you” (or whatever the current problem was) but He instead gave them the strength and power to endure their trials with a light heart.

It is such a blessing that our family has been able to carry on as cohesively as we have during this difficult time. We are still happy. We are still ourselves. (Okay, I’ll admit I’ve been indulging in more emotional eating but I am totally okay with that! If it helps me keep things together, then it’s a reasonable sacrifice.) It is hard for the boys to know that Daddy is home but that he can’t play, but they are dealing with it, and it is hard for us as parents to answer Little Red at the end of the day — when Paul comes downstairs after another long day of job searching and Little Red asks, “did you find a job yet?” Or when he says, “your job can be playing with me,” but we are blessed. We are so blessed. Life goes on, and so do we.

Economies go in cycles. Four years ago when Paul and I insisted, “this cannot continue, this is an unsustainable market,” people poo-pooed us and told us that things were only going up, that we had solved the problems of old and the way of the future was eternal progress. Just as the market had to come down (and is still coming down, and will for a while,) the market will just as surely rebound. I don’t know when, no one does, but we will not be like this forever.

The trick, of course, is staying afloat in the meantime.

I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t know that we won’t be moving in with someone else before all of this is over. I don’t know where the winds will drop us. And I don’t know what we will do if we are still looking for a job in October when our unemployment benefits run out. I’m not worried, though. I know the market will turn around. I know my husband is a very hard worker, is really smart, and is employable; he will have a job again and he will be a great asset to the company. I know the Lord knows our situation and that we have not been abandoned. We have been so very blessed and I know it’s just the beginning.

6 thoughts on “That Their Burdens May Be Light

  1. i dig your attitude.

    i imagine it is scary at times not knowing what is in the future but… i truly believe in karma. i know. i’m kinda hippiesh at the core. but really, navigating life is 90% vision and 10% action. that’s according to me, of course, and i’ve always been really, really bad at math. LOL. but… if you see through “light” eyes, it just seems the good comes. maybe it’s because you’re more open to good when you stay light. i don’t know.

    just keep your vision. the view is everchanging and eventually it will fit what you are looking for. when it does, take action. RAH! see, that 10% ain’t for nothin’. πŸ˜‰

  2. We are all hoping for light for your family… Times are indeed scary, but then people have made it through times like these before.

    I am thankful that your burdens are light… I will pray that they continue to be so.

  3. Ian now prays for this, “Please helps us to make the market go up so that people can stop losing their jobs.”

    So while you’re working on getting a new job apparently our job is to get that market to go up so people can get employed again. A daunting task Ian. But we’re up for the challenge.

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