They Grow Up So Fast

Little Red’s kindergarten registration is complete, all the appropriate tests done (TB, dental, etc), and all the forms submitted to the school.  It’s hard to imagine that we moved out here, midway pregnant with him; we moved out “for a year” and now we are enrolling him in kindergarten.  Now I’m hoping the next job will keep us in town.

Wednesday of last week our big boy got his first phone call from a girl!  (Grandmothers don’t count, sorry.)  It was Kyra, and when Paul answered the phone she politely asked to speak to Little Red. 

Both of the kids had received their injections for the tuberculosis tests on Wednesday and I guess Jennifer had promised her that she could call Reed and ask him how his went; she had cried with her shot.  They chatted for a few minutes, and then they let the mother’s chat.

To balance all these Big Boy things he’s been doing, he and I sat on the couch during quiet time yesterday and look at pictures of him as a newborn.  He tickled his baby self in every picture.  And when he and I were staring into each other’s eyes he said, “Mummy, your eyes have pictures of me in them!”

6 thoughts on “They Grow Up So Fast

  1. Heather-

    Will you e-mail me that bacon avocado salad recipe. I have had it forever and misplaced it. I want to make it tomorrow for a recipe group Thank you! April

  2. How sweet! I never realized that Little Red and KeeJ were the same age! KeeJ got his shots last week…he was ok till the 4th shot…then he decided he wasn’t too happy about the whole thing! Yay for Kindergarten!

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