[sometimes] I Love LA

I’ve made it a personal challenge, that if I’m going to pay so much to live here, I’m going to get my money’s worth, and have tried to take advantage of as many things as I could. I especially try to attend the free activities, free museum days, community events, etc. We have had a blast.

Last weekend we were able to attend the Family Fun Day at the local PBS station, all thanks to a friend who gave me the head’s up on this exclusive event as soon as she heard about it.

Sesame Street

The highlight for the boys was being able to see some of the tv characters perform on stage, then meet and greet afterwards.

Sid the Science Kid, Captain Infinity, Miguel and Maya

The boys met all four of them: Sid the Science Kid, Captain Infinity (the mascot for KCET Kids Club,) and Maya and Miguel. I learned that even if you don’t watch the show, seeing a character in person is still exciting. We never watch Maya and Miguel, and Captain Infinity is just a mascot, but seeing them was almost as cool as meeting Sid. Almost.

7 thoughts on “[sometimes] I Love LA

      1. Sid creeps me out. Maya and Miguel are awesome! 🙂 Probably not for such a young age, but sometimes Aiden watches it and really enjoys it. We only seem to watch PBS in the mornings (for the preschool set), but every so often we watch after school and love it every time.

  1. I have to agree, Maya and Miguel is adorable. I think the creators must be Lucille Ball fans as Maya has some Lucyesque moments. And oh, if only 10 year old boys were like Miguel… That said, I am not sure it is for pre-school kids.

  2. How do I get SID as a character to come to my sons BIRTHDAY party please let ne know someone…do any body plays him at partys or anything??? His birthday is September25 2012:.

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