Friday Night Lessons

My children should know better by now. They should trust that when I say I have a time-sensitive surprise it’ll always be worth cleaning up those legos.

By the skin of their teeth they met the deadline of cleaning up their toys and eating their supper. Paul got home (barely) in time to join us, he was in on the surprise. Fed and full of anticipation we got into the car, evading every question they asked of us. Before long we had pulled up to a theatre and Red, so very perceptively, immediately knew what was going on. He read the sign and saw Star Wars 3D. In his mind there was no other possible conclusion, there was no other move we’d see instead of that one. He was correct, of course. I had been given a lead earlier that day of a cheap theatre, offering second run movies at a drastically discounted rate. Friday night’s event, including the 3D experience, cost the whole family $16. In my blissful state, even Jar Jar Binks wasn’t quite so grating that night.

The look on his face was priceless. He was happier about that than most of our Disneyland trips. I wish I had been recording his expression.

That night as we drove home two hours past bedtime I reminded Red of the night’s lessons. #1 Trust Mummy she she says she has something fun planned, and #2 School is only a small part of our lives and the rest of our day can still be fabulous no matter what happened at school.

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