We Met on Craigslist.com

I was really getting depressed about things and our finances were aggravating the problem.  Despite the need for money, I knew it was very important for the boys that I stay home with them.  I suggested to Paul Timber‘s brilliant idea of working daycare at a gym (it had the added bonus that maybe I’d be able to work on my love handles at a discount) but he vetoed it saying that it just didn’t feel right.  Anytime I brought it up he countered with “if you really want to do daycare you shouldn’t work for someone else for peanuts but just start your own.”  It was a sure-fire way to shut me up.

I logged a lot of hours on careerbuilder.com and other job sites, looking for things I could do from home.  I didn’t care if it was mind-numbing data-entry.  I just wanted something I could do without shipping the kids off to daycare (because if I was going to do that I’d might as well renew my teaching certificate, get a California license, and go back to teaching.)

I was getting desperate and almost signed up for a scam medical transcription company.  Finally I checked Craigslist even though previous experience had shown me that the site was more scams than anything else by now.  The listing was written for me: private tutoring for a boy starting CVHS,  5-6pm daily.

I responded.  I didn’t even have to think twice about my boys — I would need babysitting for less than an hour before Paul came home.  The man (father of potential student) replied quickly and we exchanged a few emails that morning and scheduled an interview that evening.

Then he wrote back saying he had forgotten that he had something else going on that night and could I please meet at his workplace instead?  He sent me the address which was near here, on San Fernando Blvd, and explained there was no suite number as it was a two-story warehouse.

Briefly I panicked.  What was I doing meeting a stranger at a warehouse in Atwater?  Certainly I would leave the address with Angela (the neighbour watching the boys) and Paul.  If I was not home by 5:35 they should call the cops.

I checked out his company from his email address and found a photo of the warehouse on the website.  My fears were assuaged, I was meeting at a real place.

On the drive over I prayed that he and I would both know immediately if it was a good fit.  I knew before I got out of the car that I had the job.  The interview was a formality to make sure I was on board after hearing about his son, and to make sure I was interested in staying for the whole four years.  I told him, honestly, that we had no plans for the future but that my husband liked his job.

He didn’t seem to blink at the number I requested for my rate.  (Haha, because it’s the same amount I charged 4 years ago in Virginia!)  I should have asked for more.  Oh well, I will next year.

That was two weeks ago.  It marked a major turnaround in my moods, just knowing that while my gig wouldn’t take us out of the hole, it would help.  It felt good to know that I was helping.

I’ve worked three days already.  I like the boy, Daniel, and I think we relate well.  It’s not hard work, but it’s enough that I feel like a grownup. 

I’ve already learned my first Korean word, An-Yang, it means hello.  (I hope he’s learned something from me, too!)


4 thoughts on “We Met on Craigslist.com

  1. Congrats on the new work! I agree, it does make you feel more like an adult. I’m glad you found something that works with your schedule and brings in a little cash flow.
    And the daycare is something you should still think about. I don’t know how much is involved as far as licensing, etc (unless you do it more casual)….but I could totally see you doing it. You’d be great!

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